Halo 5: Guardians Opening Cinematic is Flames!

Fireteam Osiris, the Light is Green!

My bad fam, my bad for being late. I was in the void, I didn’t catch this “Make me wanna Uh” when it first dropped. We know Halo is finally coming to the XBOX One. We’ve seen the run up with Halo Nightfall and the dual trailer that pits our new protagonist Spartan Locke vs face of XBOX himself, Master Chief. But yo, this shit right here? This shit right here my Spartan? This is O.D. on greatness.

The Halo Mythology will always be at it’s best when it shows a group of Spartans doing some Spartan ass shit, which is simply, being untouchable. As much as I loved Halo: Reach (and some revisionist history suggests that I am becoming more of a minority in that camp), you were playing as part of a squad on the brink of annihilation and hopelessness. The point was that you were going to fail. But when you can show Spartans as the elite soldiers that they are, then ain’t nothin’ like it, fam.

Not only do we get the most diverse Halo yet (I’m out for Spartans, to represent me and yo, are those the two women that just finished Ranger school, cuz they should be) and another shot of Spartan Locke runnin’ shit, but the return of Nathan Fillion Da Gawd as Spartan Buck from Halo: ODST? The Spartan air drop (from now on, that’s how you airdrop!)? Weapons Free and the dual fist pound attack? Taking out sworded Elites with ease?!?! Man, let me calm down, don’t need to take another shower today already. This shit right here make you wish you got kidnapped as a child, forced into the spartan program against your will, tortured in training and surgery implants with the 10% chance of survival, just you could hope to get you some Spartan armor. Well, maybe that’s just me.

What I’m sayin’ is, this opening cinematic for Halo 5: Guardians got my hype ready to Guilty Spark contingency plan all over the place (if you ain’t familiar, that means blow some shit up). Can’t wait for October 27th!


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