Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Leonardo Romero / Marvel Comics

Listen, Kelly Thompson out here making muh fuckas love them some Kate Bishop on their pull list. Bishop is at the end of her first major case as she is captured and goes up against the leader of this whole “first rule about hate club, don’t talk about hate club” society. It turns out to be someone she recognized before (commenting on her terrible taste in men) from earlier.

What I love about this issue is from the start of the series Kate Bishop is tied up, at a disadvantage, and yet still talking that shit. Kate’s snark in the face of danger is what makes her really stand out to me, Thompson writes her as such a natural smart ass that none of the lines seem forced and there’s always an angle towards an advantage Bishop is reaching for through her intentionally antagonizing opponents.

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We know Bishop is a street level hero but we get to see her go up against some non-street level threats this issue. Introducing a more large scale threat or villain isn’t easy and takes some finesse which Thompson does miraculously. Thompson has Kate making light of the situation as well as taking some real ass damage. Where the previous Hawkeye series kept it street level the expansion into giant hate-roided up muh fuckas trying to get their Hulk on and Kate having to survive it, solidifies a major difference in between Barton’s previous series and Bishop’s current series. Thompson is letting the fandom know that they shouldn’t know what the fuck to expect and anything goes in her corner of Marvel 616 and I’m fucking with that. There are a lot of twists you’re not going to see coming this issue especially towards the end, which is what makes this journey so worthwhile.

Can we applaud Leonardo Romero having Kate doing mad jumping back in slow motion arrow shots, taking hits, and crossing mutha fuckas over? Can we do that please? Matter fact can we get a “Fight like a girl” tee with Kate Bishop on it because your girl needs a jersey after what Romero had her go through. We see a lot of Kate’s athleticism and precision this issue. That bobby pin stunt yo? I’m a huge fan of small details and (reasonable) planning ahead by characters. The opening with Kate smiling while talking her shit is so freaking perfection in attention to detail, and showcasing how much of a cute ass smart ass Bishop can be when she wants. Also, the distinct differences in style between characteristics of Bishop’s anchor points (you’ll see what I mean) at the end is what I’m talking about in coming through for diversity.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.09.49 PM

Listen, stop reading this shit and buy this fucking book. It’s women’s history month and Kate Bishop out here putting mofos down for the count. You feel me? Kate Bishop out here defending the block! Kate Bishop out here so everybody best respect her spot on the shelf and recognize greatness when you read it.

10 Bomb-Ass Bobby Pins out 10

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