Hogwarts Mystery Review

Hogwarts Mystery Review: Alohamora! Being Black / POC at Hogwarts is Finally Unlocked

Hogwarts Mystery is finally here! We told y’all it was coming and now we’re going to give you a little insight into the game. BNP homies from several houses gathered in the corridor to shed some light *lumos* on the good, the “eh” and the future hopes of the Hogwarts Mystery mobile.


Izetta: I know we’re going to spend a TON of time talking avatars, but before we do… I gotta say the overall graphics are quite nice. Every familiar face from the movies are crisp AF. Snape looking like new money and Professor Flitwick cute as a button. The halls are well lit. My common room fresher than a mug!

Brittany: First of all I’m happy we can all be Black at Hogwarts because the movies told us how rare that shit is. But why, why, WHY do I have to drop real American United States Dollars for any Black hairstyles besides some box braids?? Also, the hairline on these locs is especially egregious. What in the name of Shemar Moore’s lace front were they doing with these? And I’m supposed to drop how many gold coins on this? 15 THOUSAND? Nah. Just, nah. I also wanted some cute glasses so my avatar would really match my bifocal-wearing self…but those cost real money too so my girl just gonna have to squint….

Hogwarts Mystery Review
Who put a Flipendo on my edges?

Izetta: The dollars to be dropped in Hogwart’s Mystery are insane. I can see doling out coins and gems for new outfits, but for hair and glasses? An MJ S-Curl circa 1984 shouldn’t cost a can of soda, let alone 200 gems. I will say, baby hairs be damned, we get more POC shades than IT cosmetics… I just don’t understand why they didn’t have a Black woman at the table teaching them about hairlines and edges.

Victoria: I just really want an option to cover my hair. Like, scarf, hat, let me put my hood up, somethin’! I understand people don’t like bringing religion into certain fandoms. (Guess what, they celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts.) But in this case you have at least two options, witch hat and hood, that are completely in line with the story. Also, hats mean you are absolved from forgetting to program edges! I agree on the money aspect. I’m livin’ on a Weasley budget out here. Also, I feel like I have spent so much money in the larger wizarding world collectibles… y’all can’t have my real money unless I get something tangible.

Miss Merry of Hufflepuff
Artist: Jbramx2

Ease of use:

Khadjiah: It’s fairly easy to use. Loving the secret energy boosts scattered across the game. Sometimes I’m short with only 5 minutes left before the end of the action and I catch a quick five energies right quick. Just enough to complete 1 or 2 more actions to grant me a star. It is very clicky-baity. The movement of the wand is my favorite part.

Brittany: The game is mostly clicking around and answering the right questions. Kids won’t have a problem mastering it but play-through appeal for adults isn’t really there. The only things that gave me any sort of trouble were figuring out the energy-use system and getting back to the game in time to finish a lesson or activity. Striking the right balance between living real life and the hour and forty minutes for my energy to recharge so I could finish my three-hour class gave me headaches.

Izetta: I just wish we could interact with other students more. Hogwarts is too vast to be talking to the same two people all of the time. Especially when I’m wandering around waiting for my energy to build up. Hogwarts Mystery should have the common rooms poppin’. Maybe I can’t just strike up a chat outside of charms class, but I should be able to sit in front of the fire and chat with another Hufflepuff when I’m not in class or freezing to death.

Harpo, who this woman, Merula??

Hogwarts Mystery Review

Khadjiah: Half of the time I want to A-town stomp Merula right quick. Merula finna catch these hands. You can’t just go around insulting people in the school. At first, I wanted to say she had hate and I couldn’t see why but now I just feel like there’s an emptiness that she’s trying to fill. Easy targets. She finna catch these wands.

Brittany: It’s really too much to 1) play into anti-Slytherin propaganda and 2) have such a hatin’ ass hater off jump. Like Merula was begging for a fade literally from the start and you knew she was shady because she had the school-drama antagonist bowl cut. Guess that’s why she stay so mad…

Izetta: Never trust a bowl cut with a streak in the front. Merula ain’t got the good sense Snape gave her, but she finna find out.

Victoria: It’s definitely a bit repetitive. I’ve been using it to be more accountable for my time. If I’m out of energy I should probably get back to work. I see my playtime fading off as time goes by. As much as I want to unlock the higher level areas, IDK that I have the stamina.

I would be here for more interaction. Maybe something like you could play Gobstones with multiple people outside the storyline and it would give you points/energy/a hat.



Brittany: I’ve spent a week playing this game and I’m still not out my First Year because I am determined not to spend a dime of real life money. So I be waiting FOREVER to finish these clickthrough classes. That said, Prof. Flitwick is absolutely the best and is almost enough to make me keep slogging through. Like, if I could take one Hogwarts class IRL it would be Charms and I would be Flitwick’s best student. Snape, on the other hand, can kick rocks in sandals because he’s rude af and makes me hate Potions. I just don’t need that kind of negativity in my school life.

Khadjiah: The transfigurations class is my favorite. Honestly, when that bowl turned back into a cat I was like “whaaaaaaaaat’?” I wanted more opportunities to use it. I’m so grateful I can’t do this in real life because I’d just test it out on everything.

*Me in a dramatic scene with my haters*

Me: Reparifarge

Them: ….

Me: Oh, so you were always that fake?

Professor McGonagall is clearly aware of my special abilities. She’s feeling my progress. Sliding me the secret lessons.

Hogwarts Mystery Review

Izetta: Professor Flitwick forever! Can we talk about Madame Hooch in flying class, tho?!!! Sweatergawd she’s the reason Ben is so afraid. Every other second she’s talking about falling to your death.

Madame Hooch: Splinters will certainly send you plummeting to your death.

Madame Hooch: Long hair is distracting and will surely send you falling to your death.

Madame Hooch: Singing the acoustic version of any song from Beychella while flying will cause you to DIE!

Ben: *died mid-sentence*

Victoria: I’m with Brittany, still stuck in year one. Sooo over Potions which is dumb because I feel like I would have potions on lock, IRL. Snape is in some serious verbal/emotional abuse territory. Why don’t you roll up your sleeves and actually teach, o wait…#darkmark. I am really looking forward to starting other classes though. It’s cool to see how they have been integrated on the map and I like the general class format. Also, I’m interested to see who the teachers are for classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures since this story is set before the books.


Brittany: It’s been fun living out my Wizarding World dreams and seeing an almost version of myself in that Ravenclaw uniform. That’s honestly the biggest appeal to this game: the Hogwarts fantasy. Like, I know there’s a lost brother and mysterious vaults and crap but I just want to hang out with my new bff Rowan, make sure Ben’s scary ass passes, and finesse Bill Weasley and Nymphadora Tonks. That last one is unlikely to happen, but a girl can hope… Also, this game doesn’t make you watch ads, and I always get down with that.

Izetta: I really love tracing the wand moves for different spells. I’ve messed up a few times, but it’s actually really cool. That part of Hogwarts Mystery makes me want to break out my wand and try the movements IRL. Hearing Professor Dumbledore’s little quotes as you level up is a nice treat. It’s one thing to see their faces, it’s another to hear a familiar voice. I think they’ve done a great job engaging quite a few senses. The game is visually stunning, tactically engaging, and the auditory stimulation encompasses you with magic. Shout out to the 100 gem drop for folks who downloaded the game and started playing the first week. That was high key dope. Mama got new glasses with that!

Victoria: The seven-year progression is a great way to hook HP fans. I want a printable graduation certificate or something. I love that this game is unapologetically magical. The moving pictures are great and Peeves tryna come out the screen at you. Good times. I also really appreciate the overall relatability of the characters. This isn’t Barbie and Ken go to magic school, every character has their own set of issues and flaws. Having a reward system that focuses on embracing and confronting those issues in a positive way is genius, especially for all the young folks who are bound to play this.

Khadjiah: I was really excited about the scenery. The artists took some time out of their day to make sure that the Dumbledore’s beard was lush. Washed with Pantene and blessed with beard oils. I love the options and how many places you could go. I feel like I will touch the most famous spots and the secret places by the end of my sixth year. I am excited to see how the Owlery looks. But this relationship between Rowan and I searching the invisible staircase is one to admire.

Hogwarts Mystery Review


Brittany: THAT WAIT TIME, MAYNE! I swear, waiting 20 years just to finish pre-learning a spell so I can wait ANOTHER 20 years to actually learn the spell is just tew much. It’s also way too easy and eager to get you to spend real cash. The first time you need gems to regain your energy happens within the first hour of game-play. It’s too early for you to have earned the 55 gems required so your only choice is to cough up the dough or wait it out. Just don’t wait too long or you may fail your task. Sigh. I think I’m good on this one.

Izetta: I have to agree. The wait time is too much. I also don’t understand why I can’t use my gold coins to purchase gems. I’d much rather do that than buy a busted hairdo. Not only that, can we shop with a single currency? Some shirts cost gems and others cost coins. Matronly skirts take coins and the cute pleated joints take gems. Can I speak to someone from Gringotts, please?

Khadjiah: Honestly some of these clicks make no sense.  Why do I need energy to take a break? Why do I need energy to turn a page? An option said relax, it took 5 clicks. I get it, it’s a lot of energy to figure out the perfect position, Comfort to Space ratio. But is it really that emotionally exhausting that taking a break feels like work? Like at least give me two energy points? It’s emotionally confusing.

Victoria: Ditto. I’m usually pretty good at planning my lessons around real life stuff but at the same time… I really don’t have the patience to do that for a game. I refuse to turn into my college roommate who set an alarm to harvest her Farmville crops. It ain’t that serious, M. Also, this was mentioned above but the Slytherin situation is a bit over the top. As much as I like the personality progression, I feel like the game undercuts itself by pitting everyone against Snape and Merula from the start.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Review

Khadjiah:  I’d love more interactions with characters. It moves a bit slow unless you consistently keep watch of your energies, and honestly who got time for that? Honestly, if I chilled with Hagrid more, my heart would’ve sang. I believe this is an excellent start. I’m excited for more updates and give me more opportunities for those gems.

Brittany: I’m hoping for a game similar to this to come out on a console and leave out the buying gems and long wait times for “healing”. I’d honestly rather pay for the game and be able to play through at my pace.

Victoria: I’d love to see more ways to get energy. We’re in school, give us extra credit! Side quests with high risk/reward factors could be cool. Perhaps I’m just not far enough, but I would love to have a familiar. Familiars that had a random daily drop of progression materials? Yes, please! Last thing:


Game on witches and wizards!


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