‘Hulking & Wiccan Infinity Comic #1’ Review

Following the Best Romance in the Marvel Universe

Writer: Josh Trujillo / Artist: Jodi Nishijima / Marvel

Hands down, Hulking and Wiccan are the best couple in the Marvel Universe. You can fight me on this with all your might, and I still won’t back down. Their love is so pure that I’m so happy that Marvel is giving it a space to shine. In this new digital-only series, writer Josh Trujillo and artist Jodi Nishijima get to explore the life of Teddy (Hulking) and Billy (Wiccan) since marriage. Hulking & Wiccan Infinity Comic #1 is off to a great start as it highlights just what makes this couple so beautiful, and the trials and tribulations that come with their new lives.

It’s fair to say that since Marvel’s mega-event, Empyre, the lives of the two former Young Avengers have been turned upside down. Teddy now stands as the Emperor of the Kree-Skrull alliance with Billy by his side as his husband. Out in the cosmos of space, the two are getting accustomed to married life. A life that the two fought hard to have together. We quickly learn that Teddy being the head of possibly the biggest empire not only weighs heavy on his shoulders but on their marriage as well.

Hulking & Wiccan #1

What I appreciate about this book is it gives us a minute to see how adorable Teddy and Billy are before jumping into the drama and shenanigans. The opening panels of Hulking & Wiccan Infinity Comic #1 are just pure marital bliss, lovingly drawn by artist Jodi Nishijima. They are intimate, magical, and a beautiful entrance for the pair showcasing how in love they are with one another. Of course, this is before they entertain a few guests who do that annoying thing that all people do to new married couples – question the stability of their marriage.

It’s here that both Teddy and Billy really put into perspective how their marriage is exactly going to work. Despite doubt seeping into the pair, you never really get the sense that their relationship is in danger. Even when we get into the true premise of the book and magic seeks to test their relationship (in a fun way), you still have faith that the two of them are going to pull through this trial. With that in mind, I’m going to be sticking with Hulking & Wiccan, because their love is a beautiful thing to watch.

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