Immortal Hulk #22 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Joe Bennett / Marvel

Oh, the hypocrisy of General Fortean. For all his talk of bringing order to chaos and taking down monsters, he falls down the same path as General Ross — turning himself into something monstrous just to take down monsters. It’s amazing how quickly Fortean adjusts to wearing the Abomination skin. At this point, I wonder how far he will go to take down the Hulk and all the other gamma monsters.

There is a lot to unpack in this issue of Immortal Hulk. The first of which is the aftermath of the attack on Gamma Flight. The prevailing truth is that all of the gamma-infected individual rise from the dead. However, after General Fortean systematically kicked their ass, it appears that Walter aka Sasquatch hasn’t come back to life. It’s an interesting mystery that may very well end up playing a bigger role down the line. One thing I have to say about Gamma Flight is that this group just keeps taking L’s. They are either always getting their ass kicked or arriving way too late to the scene. Hopefully, they can catch a break next issue.

Meanwhile, the Hulk crew is an emotional rollercoaster. As always, Betty’s character is the most fascinating out of the bunch. She has really embraced her new harpy form, going so far as to stay in that form no matter what. She kind of reminds me of She-Hulk, since being Harpy seems to be a form of independence, specifically from Bruce.

Poor Rick Jones is another interesting case as well. Like many of the other Hulk characters, Rick’s new form is a bit tragic. He seems to be a husk of his former self. His form reminds me of what was left of him in Gamma Hell. Which makes me think that Rick might have some deeper connection to that realm that Ewing is waiting to spring on us. While we get to see more of his new powers, there is still a lot of mystery.

We have some great character moments in this issue of the Immortal Hulk, and the return of Bennett’s outstanding monstrous and haunting art style. There are a lot of moving pieces. However, it seems like the big action is being saved for the next issue. This issue plays out more like the calm before the storm. Still, Immortal Hulk #22 is an enjoyable read filled with enough to get you excited for what’s to come.

8 Skeletons in the Fetal Position out of 10

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