Invisible Woman #2 Review

Writer: Mark Waid // Artist: Mattia De Iulis // MARVEL

Invisible and Present

In this issue of Invisible Woman, we follow Sue into the spy world with Black Widow. Sue Richards was not supposed to go on this mission, but who else is going to stop the unseen? The Waid-De Iulis team highlights the perception of control in Invisible Woman #2. Whether it is mental (allowing outside influences to affect your mission) or body autonomy, Sue is prepared to hand out the sauce wherever she is. The comic highlights our two spies and their growing bond for all things mischievous and top secret. At first I was here for it. But as the comic goes on, everything starts moving too slow.

Give Me Action! No, Slower

I was confused as to why even though there was movement between scenes and characters, everything felt still. The comic felt static. The content is attractive but it isn’t hitting the way it should. We got Black Widow and The Invisible Woman but one of the first things I hear from Sue is information about her home life. Now granted, you could be both the secret agent and the home boss, but the first comic did enough building of character. The second issue feels like they were trying to make her secret agent side “believable” when Invisible Woman #1 already did that job pretty well.

A great focus would be, other than teaming up with Black Widow, Sue’s agenda for saving a lost friend. Who is this for? What is she trying to achieve? With that, I believe that our Invisible Woman will have more buoyancy. The Wade-De Iulis team does a good job in setting the stage, but I believe with more actionable words, and choices the team has the potential to set the show.

7.9 “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” s out of 10

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