Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2

Writer: Gerry Dugan // Artist: Adam Kubert // MARVEL

Strange Soldier Flex, but Okay

Now, in this issue of Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme, we continue where we left off with Cap’n flexing with his strange super soldier abilities. At this time, he still doesn’t know he was merged with Doctor Strange and something bigger will arise. (You know, like everybody else in the Infinity Wars timeline at the moment). I went in hoping to feel moved and excited to see his reaction about what happened. Uh, I was underwhelmed? I mean it was cute while it lasted. At the beginning, I saw multiple directions this could have went.

I saw the possibilities of emptiness vs self-actualization, grief vs expectations, even a possible underlying metaphor as using religion as a form of self-reflection and openness to the universe. It feels like all of those things were going on at once, but it was dispersed in short bursts. I love the openness to metaphors and multiple ideas going on at once. There’s a way to control them and make them useful for the story at hand. But honestly by the time I got to the ending, I was like, okay so that’s it? We’re just going to solve this in a slightly stereotypical format? Weird flex, but okay.

Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme #2

Diabolical Color Wheel

Ah! But I will say this art caught me. I initially thought it was on purpose to use art as a method to push forward self-actualization. (When you become aware and then the colors brighten around you. Essentially moving from black and white to full service 1080p with color enhancements). Essentially that’s what happened, and I enjoyed the transition. I loved looking at the fluidity of our Soldier Supreme’s movements. It felt true to the character, and I fell hopelessly in love with the presentation. The movements from the first issue were more mechanical; this is more open and diverse which speaks to both personalities coming together, and I feel like that was an amazing choice.

I hope that the rest of the series picks up in a way that does not make these mergers as corny as they seem. Concepts can be corny, but you can make it fire if the writing and display of the idea is phenomenal. This comic fits readers who are looking for more casual reads and want a filler between their sessions. It does the job just right but not enough to make it as amazing as I imagined it would.

7.7 Crunchitize Me Cap’ns out of 10

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