Inkblot #5 Review

Creators: Emma Kubert and Rusty Gladd / Image

As the months go by, Inkblot has maintained my curiosity as an ongoing read, if only because this magical cat is so completely endearing its design and its shenanigans, that I can’t help myself when I see those big eyes on the cover. As the narrator continues to provide a loose framework, I find myself understanding that while there is a thread connecting all of the issues together, Inkblot succeeds as a series because each issue is structured as a mostly self-contained story onto itself. Inkblot is an anthology about this cat as it goes through time and space, and Kubert and Gladd continue to leverage this fact very well.

This latest issue takes us to a primordial jungle on the African continent on Mother Earth, and the cat manages to have a run in with some of the locals. And given that the location was clearly specified, the characters design quite align with the expectation which does cause a bit of a disconnect (they’re a touch fairer skinned than I’d expect). It’s not too much of an immersion break, but it is something to note.

That said, the fantastical nature of the book continues to work in the books favor as the cat continues to be this playful entity that manages to inject pure joy on sight and allows for a wide range of shenanigans. It’s an interesting way to show how errant thoughts can fill a space, how imagination can augment an experience.

And it’s fun. The characters are expressive. The cat has one utterance that is incredibly cute. The backdrops are gorgeous, and each issue brings new set pieces and color palettes keeping everything fresh. Taken by itself, with minimal context, it works. And I’m excited to see a day where within its greater context that we might get a much larger payoff.

8.2 “Mows” out of 10

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