Invincible #129 Review

Writer: Robert Kirkman / Artist: Cory Walker & Nathan Fairbairn / Image Comics

Invincible is one of the best series in publication today and issue #129 is one of the best in its run. From day one, it’s always been a family drama with a super-powered backdrop. And it’s best moments are all directly connected to that theme. Watching Mark and his father fight to the near death is something readers will never forget and it’s devastating every time that Mark comes back to a world he barely recognizes after being absent for months or years at a time.

When Invincible came back from its hiatus – that I spent counting every minute – I was admittedly kind of thrown off by the visuals when the original artist, Cory Walker, came back for a few issues alongside Nathan Fairbairn and Robert Kirkman. Not that it was bad. I had just spent so many issues being used to certain styles and seeing characters look a certain way that the change was a bit distracting. Maybe it was time or maybe Walker switched things up ever so slightly, but issue #129 got me back in the groove of things.

From start to finish, this issue is full of all of the drama you could ask for. Not only do we meet Eve’s former lover during Mark’s latest absence, but Eve comes face-to-face with the woman that sexually assaulted her husband for the first time since finding out about the incident.


The reaction she has, and Nolan’s reaction to the mere thought of her doing something to his son– but not knowing exactly what – come from a place of protection. While this may not be the way to handle things, especially in front of Mark, it’s a welcome examination at how those close to assault victims sometimes respond.

Note: Mark and Nolan have clearly come a very long way in their relationship. 

In many of his series’, Robert Kirkman is known for doubling down on endings. We’ll get one big reveal, long-awaited moment or cliffhanger that could end any decent comic well then get an even better one right after. #129 may be the best one yet.

After everything we find out that Anissa has started a family with a newborn baby but that her assault on Mark resulted in the birth of a child that she named after him. Man, Kirkman really knows how to make us thirsty for the next issue.

10 out of 10

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  • TheRealCBONE

    Mark is so soft it’s becoming disturbing. For someone that’s the titular hero of the comic, he’s just not ’bout that life. He’s clearly not invincible, he’s actually quite frail. Mentally and physically when compared to his father, mother, brothers/sisters and almost everyone else. I’m still interested in seeing where this goes for a little while at least. I think people won’t want to read “stirring tales of stuff that happens tangentially in the vicinity of Mark the crying-ass, whiny space stay-at-home husband” for much longer.

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