Writers: Dan Slott, Christos N. Gage / Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli / Marvel Comics

The current story arc in The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t really anything we haven’t seen, as it explores tropes we’ve seen many times. Someone collects a small army of the world’s strongest heroes and siphons all of their powers for themselves. And that same person who’s convinced they’re a true hero is actually causing more damage than anything. But, with that being said, the story is being told to a satisfactory level.

For the reader that just loves anything Spider-Man, issue #14 will get the job done and hold you off until the next issue. It feels reminiscent of the kind of storyline you would’ve gotten in the olden days of comics when writers didn’t have to have 50 cards up their sleeves just to keep readers on their toes. But if you’re looking for something fresh and totally different, you may need to look elsewhere. Outside of feeling like a halfway point.


The buddy cop vibe between Peter and Tony Stark is something we’re sure to get plenty of now that Mary Jane is caught in the middle. And Miles Morales being the thing to bring them together makes the most sense because Miles is awesome and everybody should want him to be their protege. This issue also doubles as a shared issue with the Avengers as we get brief cameos from pretty much every Avenger, all-new and old, as they each manage to get kidnapped.

The cover for issue #15 shows Mary Jane in the Iron Spider suit which looks super promising but shows that she’s going to be stuck in between two of the world’s richest men for a while.

7.5 out of 10

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