Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #10 Review

writer & artist: Kaare Kyle Andrews / Marvel Comics

I’ll be upfront about it right off the top: there’s just about no downside to Iron Fist: The Living Weapon. Kaare Kyle Andrews has crafted a kung fu legend that’s just about as epic it gets. And as it nears its close, the book seems to focus more and more on giving thanks to everything we love about old school martial arts action.

The fight for the mortal world rages on as Iron Fist gets his second wind against The One (because there always has to be a “One” in kung fu legends). But as Danny rallies every bit of strength he can muster to tackle the physical embodiment of all of his daddy issues, he discovers the evil plot to bring about Kung Fu Hell on Earth might not be as black and white as he once thought. The revelation of the true nature of Danny’s enemy comes quickly like a short jab, but a well placed one.

Aside from that, Andrews spends a majority of the book doing his trademark dazzling balancing act, toggling masterfully between exposition and action beats. And his aesthetic continues to please, uniting abstract visuals with real plot advancement. Andrews’ unique manipulation of a darker, simpler color palette is just a joy to look at. The last page’s revelation… whatever that was… was a visual delight and a prime example of Andrews delivering a book that doesn’t look like anything else on the market.
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Bottom Line: What a gorgeous, well paced way to power on through to the big finish. 8.5 out of 10

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