Saga #26 Review

Brian K. Vaughan ~writer/Fiona Staples~Artist/Image Comics

The tagline for this issue is “Gwendolyn’s quest takes an interesting turn.” WELP. The last time we saw #TeamGetTheWillBetterAndBackOnHisFeet they were covered in dragon piss, so there’s no way but to go up! I recall someone saying that this issue was a dreaded slow issue. And you know what, at this point in the game, what really defines “slow” when it comes to Saga?  This comic is always introducing new characters, this comic is always giving us new conflicts between characters to weep and rage about and this comic is always leaving us hanging, with baited breathe on the last page. Deal with it. Or wait till it’s collected in a trade paper back.

Use This As A Reaction Pic. You’re Welcome.


Moving on… there are some extraordinary conclusions made in this issue, with Team Sweet Boy/Lying Cat with Gwendolyn, Sophie and The Brand , Team Baby Toddler Hazel with serial kidnapper Dengo, the infant princeling, Klara, Alana, Izzie (during p.m. hours only)  and also with Team Angry Dads Who Like to Indulge In Pissing Contests ( Marko and Prince Robot IV) which includes Ghus and Yuma.  Team Sweet Boy/Lying Cat find a new development in their quest which makes obtaining the item they need even more difficult. Team Toddler Hazel is quickly approaching a place where wits are being tested and the ladies are no closer to figuring out the eerily calm murdering and kidnapping Dengo. He’s invited new friends to the party and heads up, they’re dangerous. They’re armed and they’re rebels reday to use a new tool to their advantage: and I’ve never been so worried for Hazel. Team Angry Dads gives us good feels with cameos from Ghus unlike last issue but quickly pinches us with the wrong kind of feels like below:


Best One Liner This Issue:

Sophie: SAGA ISSUE #26


LASTLY, an item of great importance taken from the last pages of the comic–the second question of the reader survey for Saga asked about gender. Pray tell, what do you see below? Say what, again? Oh, I thought I heard you say Women don’t read comics? No? Okay then, keep it pushing. Note that three percent as well, folks identifying uniquely all over the spectrum of gender Yes.  Yes. Yes.


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