I’ve Found My People: Wakanda Simply Doesn’t Give a Fuck

Remember when Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 smacked us all in the face with the brilliant plot twist of a Hydra (aka Nazi) Steve Rogers that no one asked for (and if you did ask, block me on Twitter right now). Granted Steve Rogers looks like he stepped out of an Aryan wet dream, but I’m had to give that one a hard pass. Instead of taking a big gulp of that garbage water Marvel’s offering I prefer sticking to a simpler time: Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War, that happy time when our biggest questions were: Steve/Bucky vs Steve/Sam, why is new Aunt May so hot (or “Aunt Bae” as I overheard at my theater in Brooklyn), or why couldn’t Dawn of Justice be this good?

I saw Captain America: Civil War. I mean, of course I saw it. I’m firmly in camp DC (in spite of their cinematic failings) but the was zero chance I was missing out on that fierce fight choreography. The Russos can’t pronounce Lagos but they can capture fights beautifully.

And this. God bless.
And this. God bless.

I take you back to Captain America: Civil War and ask you to remember the beauty of Chris Evans’ biceps in the helicopter scene (#NeverForget) and most importantly, the magnificence that is Wakanda and all her people. What can better rid us of the bad taste of Nazi-Cap than Wakanda?

Wakanda: technological powerhouse and home to Marvel’s fabled vibranium. Witness the lush, green jungle, the majestic black panther presiding over all. A land barren of one thing: fucks.

Forget vibranium. Forget cutting-edge technology. Wakanda’s true number one export? Not giving a fuck. Wakanda is clearly the world’s leading manufacturer of IDGAF. The true home and reigning champions of Petty Olympics 2KForever.

The king of 0 fucks. Literally.
The king of 0 fucks. Literally.

I’ve found my people.

For the 147 minutes of Civil War’s run time, I lived my best life while every single representative of Wakanda proceeded to not be here for any of the fractured Avengers’ quips. And what a glorious 147 minutes it was. I’ll be honest, I’ve been dreading the unending banter in the film that unites Iron Man, Ant-Man, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and the MCU’s latest big bad. But T’Challa has given me hope for the future of the MCU and in Wakanda I trust. Wakanda is clearly the world’s leading manufacturer of IDGAF. The true home and reigning champions of Petty Olympics 2KForever.

T’Challa maintained a lack of fuck giving ( along with the ability to back it up) rarely seen in the MCU. Probably because he’s both a hero and uninvolved in Tony and Steve divorce and Avengers custody battle (Sidebar: Would Steve qualify for alimony in the Avengers divorce? Does he even have a source of income? Can he still collect VA benefits if he’s off the grid?).

Things T’Challa Don’t Give a Fuck About (in no particular order):


Standard NATO helicopters shoot 30mm rounds. Big ass bullets from an autocannon intended to fuck your shit all the way up. But…

Fuck yo’ bullets
Fuck yo’ bullets

Unphased. That rooftop is being destroyed. Whoever’s on that top floor’s been riddled with bullets and Black Panther looks like someone on the subway tapped him when he had his earbuds in. Who but someone who can’t find a fuck to give responds like that? This isn’t someone interrupting mid-listen of Panda, he’s being shot at. Bless.


International Relations

There are issues with chasing a criminal across state lines let alone between countries. T’Challa follows Bucky, Cap, and crew across Europe for funsies (well for revenge but you get what I’m saying). He even gets arrested in Romania, definitely an international incident. But King T’Challa gives so few fucks he even removes his mask. Diplomatic immunity is a thing so Bucharest’s finest can’t really do shit (and how glorious was the police response of “Your highness” instead of a bullet to the back).


Governing Wakanda

Okay, this one I have to call him on. The reigning king just died and meanwhile the new king is chasing a guy across Europe. Revenge is a thing, I get it. But you have a kingdom to rule, a state funeral to plan, like actual governmental responsibilities. No? Gonna have a foot race through what looked like Bucharest’s longest underpass instead?

Fuck yo’ commute
Fuck yo’ commute

Well, all zero fuck giving can’t be positive.


The Avengers

Collectively or individually, Black Panther don’t care. Forget #TeamIronMan or #TeamCap. T’Challa is strictly #TeamBlackPanther. He’s in the Iron Team lineup only until he discovers the truth. And unlike Cardi B, beef with T’Challa isn’t beef fo’evah. While they’re all going through their emotional rollercoaster infighting, T’Challa’s focused on T’Challa. He threatens Bucky to Steve’s face (literally sitting right beside him), shakes off multiple hits of Black Widow’s Widow’s Bite, and when Clint tries to add a little levity to the complete destruction of Leipzig/Halle Airport…

Fuck yo’ quips
Fuck yo’ quips

Of course, the rest of Wakanda follows their king in lacking any fucks to give. MVP status goes to T’Challa’s bodyguard who’s ready to take out Black Widow in a bodycon dress, stilettos, and gold hoops (the most confrontational of all earrings. Never take on a woman in gold hoops.)

She stay ready to fuck a chick up
She stay ready to fuck a chick up

I turn to these beautiful memories to tide me over until 2018 when I’ll get to return to Wakanda. And, just so I’m all the way ready, I’ll be salting the earth where I grow my fucks because it’s finna be lit.

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  • Brittany N. Williams is a writer, actress, unimpressed Shakespearean Blerd, keeper of 90s theme songs, future Lord of the Fire Nation, and & New Orleanian by way of Baltimore, DC, Hong Kong, London, and NYC. Catch her laying waste to all challengers in Soul Calibur or slinging literary fire across the interwebs.

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  • J.

    YASSS GOLD HOOPS FTW! Thanks for this! Marvel needs to stop playing and let me get that pre-order link for tickets, the blu-Ray/DVD and a sweatshirt!

  • lrdupree

    “Captain America: Civil War, that happy time when our biggest questions were: Steve/Bucky vs Steve/Sam”


  • Zo

    When is FIFA gonna make Wakanda an official country in time for the 2018 World Cup?

    • kagiso

      Well they probably won’t show up to the world cup, who gives a fuck about that?

  • Joseph Assasin Thomas

    Great read.

  • Debbie Baker

    Pretty much loved this whole piece; read choice bits to my partner so he could enjoy it too. Excellent work. A+

  • Deltrie Allen (@DelAllen83)

    This article is pure gold.

  • Lynn Pitts

    This piece is why the gawds (probably originating from Wakanda) gave us the internets.

  • joysrantlist

    Great piece!! And yes, gold hoops should always be a signal that I am ready to snatch them out and snatch you up all in an instant.

  • Mistah Panthrowed

    Black Widow don’t want it wit any of these Wakanda sisters. not n’an one. ScarletJo will end up backstrokin to France or something.

  • Oyinkansola Anne E

    Haha! Best write up ever!

  • DJO2is

    I’m dead fam LOL

    ‘Fuck yo bullets’

    Nice one.

  • Omoizele Oz Okoawo

    Wakanda’s primary exports: 1. Vibranium
    2. IDGAF

  • JameriCANE

    Yoooo!!! I wasn’t ready! This whole piece, tho…

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