Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter Seventy Four

Season: 4 / Episode: 10 / CW

Let’s jump right in; the show begins right where we left off with Jane and Rafael having told the fam that they were going to just be friends and then playing Olympic tonsil hockey in the car. So I’ll leave that as a cliffhanger and dive into Xo and Rogelio.

Xo and Rogelio and Baby

Rogelio is miserable as a full time dad – I knew it, we all knew it really. Xo can tell of course and Rogelio says he’s quitting the full time dad job, Xo convinces him to give it a fighting chance and tells him to join a parents group. He scoff at the idea of going to a non celebrity group but tries it out.

He enjoys it! And now thinks he has Postpartum depression (not possible.) Ro is convinced his hormone levels were affected after the baby was born and is addressing his Male Postpartum issues and takes to social media (bad idea.) He gets the attention of “America’s Sweetheart” River Fields (Brooke Shields – which I do love her!). River Fields is in feminist high gear and just rips his theory to shreds on twitter.

Rogelio gets invited to be a guest on “The Talk” – this is the real “The Talk” People with the real hosts. He got invited onto “The Talk” to speak about male postpartum – not a thing. The Villanueva family tries to inform Rogelio about the nature of Postpartum depression but his hot headedness is out of control. They URGE him not to do it. He does it.

On a talk show of all women btw, he gets laughed at when River Fields says he is “mansplaining” Postpartum to her…awkward. But Rogelio does well in the interview putting on waterworks when they just destroy his postpartum allegations. But in the next segment River and Rogelio cannot control their competitive nature and Rogelio gets Brooke Shields sorry – River Fields attacked by a wolf! Rogelio tries to get his twitter fans to “attack her” and the guest wolf attacks River taking a toe! Man Rogelio is done. NOT – his agent said they will green light the American “Passion of Santos” if River Fields is the co star!! Man TV just loves the drama.

Alba + Jorge

After the proposal denial and Jorge’s return to his ex, Alba is trying to date again – with a terrible online dating profile where she wants basically a catholic priest. She wants to meet someone in a personal way and talks about her church crush Ronaldo. When she gets the nerve to talk to him, I guess he only talks about his grandson and wanting to hook him up with Jane. So Alba makes dinner plans and tries to set Jane up on a blind date of sorts. Jane feels pressured to say yes so Alba will be able to go on a “double date.” This should be a disaster – or awesome. The man sounds perfect, his name is Chris and he is a successful, attractive, pediatric doctor who graduated from Harvard. Rafael hears all of this and is so jelly – he even picks up a shift at the Marbella to spy on the date. He is really feeling self conscious, no? Anyways, Alba hits it off with Ronaldo and he asks for another date – without the grandkids!

And as she is saying goodbye to Ronaldo she sees Jorge and freezes. She really thinks she made a mistake with Jorge. She confides in Jane and it’s heartbreaking and so real. It’s all about time and what its like to get older and notice time in your body in your bones and looking different and not being active in that way. I was like damn why this has me thinking about aging in such a profound way.

So Jane takes Alba to a sex shop! – I frickin love this show!!!

“As you age – your vagina gets dry” says Jane so – yes! Vibrators and lube! Jane sneaks one into Alba’s bag and she finds it in a not so opportune time. Alba gets so embarrassed and tries to say that basically it’s the devil…Then Alba gets the talk from Jane – sexual freedom is what it is all about! In the end – yes Alba tries it for the first time! Man it is never to late – I’ve never been so excited to see a grandma use a vibrator – what is this show doing to me??

Petra + Lawyer Jane

Petra got a new haircut – and is really snippy about her book, it has to be like no other book – so Petra…

Jane tries to give inspiration for the type of book and then writes a proposal of Petra that is “nice” and Petra hates it, actually I hate it – its so not Petra. Then Petra says she wants to preserve their friendship and family dynamic and is having second thoughts about Jane being the ghost writer. Jane is like no, we can make it work and SO… Jane is going to shadow her at work… oh jeez. And we see first hand how Petra brings the ‘fear factor’ in all her work—- eeek.

On the murder investigation side, apparently there were screws missing from Aneshka’s balcony – Lawyer Jane “says” the cops are not ruling it out as premeditated, so Petra is still under investigation.

Lawyer Jane is setting Petra up to go to jail! I just really want to know who is behind it. I felt like the craziest idea is Rafael – but then there’s Petra’s mother who would be the obvious idea and the most dramatic idea would be Sinrostro but also predictable — and I Lawyer Jane is being blackmailed to do it – she feels bad I know it…

Petra does her own digging and finds out the balcony screws are special screws and you need a muller screwdriver to loosen them AND one was checked out and never returned by dum, dum, dummmm, her mother – of course. But she checked them out while watching Petra’s twins. She comes to the realization her mother wanted her dead and she doesn’t even know how she got a hold of her kids! She was freaking out but you know who was there to comfort her, Lawyer Jane. Yup this is gonna happen.

Lawyer Jane says she’s going to fix this – then in secret is feverishly texting “unknown” saying Petra’s not guilty and unknown is like I don’t care you made a deal and Lawyer Jane is like “I’m out” and smashes the burner -gasp- also.. Who is it??

Petra goes to her interrogation and lawyer Jane is convinced she nailed it and once Petra is not a person of interest they will “go their separate ways.” Petra looks disappointed about that. Cuz they should kiss and be together…excuse me.

Back in Lawyer Jane’s car – her phone rings “Either Petra goes to jail or you do.” AH!

Back to the real drama – Petra has a sex dream with Lawyer Jane – I really wanted it to be real – well there is still time.

Or not! In the end we see someone planting the Muller screws that were missing from Aneshka’s balcony in Petra’s desk, its a set up! We don’t see who plants it but, I just don’t think it’s Lawyer Jane – even though she was threatened. I think she’s smarter and has a stronger back bone than that… I hope.

Jane + Everything

So back to the kissing match, Jane tried to have her and Rafael’s first time in a car – NO. Rafael is like no, we gotta do this right and wants to take her on a date, so no car sex (thank you for that!).

On the professional side as we know Jane is trying to find Petra’s brand for ghost writing – Alba still thinks its a bad idea writing for Petra, but Jane is happy to take a break from dramatic romance novels for a bit, and believes selling this book could be a big hit. So after a failed attempt at the book proposal Jane shadows Petra and kind of butts in on her work ethic…as Jane does. So the shadowing doesn’t work because Petra feels judged.

So she sends Jane voice memos – which are torture- it’s a mess she’s just too picky. There are a few good notes about taking what you want in this world and not waiting for someone to give it to you – even if she was giving the advice to Elsa…

But this episode is a lot about Judgey Jane – Petra felt judged, Rafael feels judged which is why he was jealous of her date with “Chris” (Alba’s crushed grandson) cuz Rafael feels he’s not complicated – even though we know nothing about this Chris guy… Anyways – what does it say about how Jane presents herself – everyone is feeling judged (or are they being real self conscious…).

Mateo mentioned Rafael’s parents – he said he doesn’t want to find out who they are that it doesn’t matter to him. Jane butt’s in a bit – like Jane does. Sometimes I feel like she’s Harriet the Spy in a novela way – like it doesn’t really have to do with her, but she inserts herself cuz well.. Inquiring minds want to know – I didn’t choose the title Jane + Everything for nothing! Anyways, her prying puts Rafael off and they reschedule their super secret role playing date.

I honestly feel like Rafael and Jane’s thing is so high school – texting “what are you doing right now,” failing at sexting… Role playing dating – oh boy.

Jane ends up admitting that she is judgy and that is who she is, which she did say when they met. And Rafael admitted to shutting down when things get tough, over-communicating is key here. She pushes Rafael again into finding his real parents, and he considers it. I KNOW we are going to get deeper into Rafael’s past – that is exciting!!

Jane later uses Petra logic at the sex shop, gets herself a vibrator on sale with lube to boot! Oh My Goodness. Which gives her the gall to make parameters for ghost writing for Petra. As Jane is interviewing Petra, she asks how can she be so commanding and deal with being the boss, making all of the decisions all the time. Petra says – sex. That in sex, she likes to submit and be dominated. I don’t know what to do with myself, this episode is just too spot on right now, that makes so much sense!! And of course Rafael dominated in that arena – so…

She heads straight to Rafael’s to finally do this damn thang- AND the cable guy is there, lol. Not the sexy cable guy type of ending – but kinda cuz there is steamy shower sex, yes! Again, I am not fully team Rafael – but I am glad to say this happened!! 😉

What a sex filled episode, not what many expect from a show called Jane the Virgin. That’s why I love it – when do we get the chance to talk about sexual pleasure on TV in a realistic and freeing way. Phew!

Tune in next week for Jane the Breaker of Sexual Chains!

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