Jessica Jones: Blindspot #3 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Mattia De Iulis / Marvel Comics

Jessica Jones is living a great life married to Luke Cage and mother a beautiful baby girl. She has finally learned to relish in the happy moments, because you’re not guaranteed another one in this life of crime fighting and private investigating. After staying at her office late and missing the fire soup dumplings that Luke copped as incentive to come home, Jessica is shot in the back of the head by an unknown assailant. Luckily for her, she makes it out alive, although the reasons why are murky. We all know she can take a mean punch, hammer strike, or explosion…but a point blank bullet to the dome? Something fishy going on there. Not only that, but there is no sign of an entry point, just a bullet in her head, so she has lots of questions. Of course, she leaves the hospital in .2 seconds (after being welcomed back to life by all the Marvel heroes) and attempts to do some digging.

She gets to her office to find a dead woman on her floor. Cops roll up and arrest her, but Murdock gets her off. The woman is from an old case of hers, and she can’t piece together why she’s important but has a feeling the cheating boyfriend is involved. After a visit from Misty Knight, the ladies agree to share info in this investigation until the notification that Elsa Bloodstone is also dead. After some calls to some of my fave girls in the Marvel universe (looking at you Nico!) Jones acquired the last known address of Elsa and when she gets there, finds a very alive Bloodstone.

Jones teams up with Elsa, who also miraculously survived a shot to the head. Oh, and just before the execution attempt, Elsa was packing up weapons to go kill some thangs in the Hudson and well, them thangs ain’t stopping their human feeding habits, because ol girl caught the almost fade. Jones still has questions that need answering so she has to roll out with Bloodstone, and I am so glad she did because it’s girls night at the monster mash! These sea monsters come stammering out of the Hudson lookin for the smoke… but really, they wasn’t ready. From Jessica’s natural axe choppin n tossing skills to Elsa’s incredible Guile flashkick finishing move, this was one of the most fun scenes!
After getting the information she needs, Jones hits the club, and Thompson gives us one of the most genuine, cruel and satisfying examples of a hero handling a real shitty real-world experience. PSA to all my men in the dating world, we must be better.


These are the moments that help us fall in love with Kelly Thompson all over again. Make it real but make our women powerful and full of agency! Great action packed issue of Jessica Jones. I’m looking forward to the reveal of this dastardly fiend out here shooting women in the head. In the meantime, more ass kicking and curse words galore!

8 Deserved Decks To The Face out of 10

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