Jessica Jones Finally Drops The Trailer For Her Netflix Mixtape

Yes! Yes! YESSSSS! JESSICA JONES IS IN THE FUCKING BUILDING, Y’ALL! We’re finally blessed with the AKA Jessica Jones trailer after being teased for the longest.

Jessica Jones as we can see stays very true to form in regard to her sarcasm and mannerisms from her series Alias. We got cameos from street-level legend Luke Cage, as well as Patsy Walker (Hellcat). This ain’t your Rated-E-for-Everyone Netflix show either. Where Daredevil was dark and gritty, it was geared more to be like a vigilante noir; the encompassing feeling in Jessica Jones is dealing with trauma, PTSD, abuse, violence, and more.

We are getting a whole new depth in vigilante world of Marvel from Jessica Jones’ perspective. We finally got a woman-led show from a Marvel character, and one that the streets been begging for. Plus, the villain — The Purple Man Zebediah Killgrave — may not be a household name, but his danger and immediate threat with his (literal) power of persuasion is clear as Sprite Zero. This is a whole new underworld opposite the big-screen Marvel universe that deals with such wide-scale cataclysmic events.

Jessica Jones follows in the steps of its predecessor Daredevil in showing us what a happening down on the streets that isn’t front page news worldwide. Y’ALL WANTED THAT GRITTY NEW YORK HERO SHIT BACK?! Y’ALL WANTED THAT PATHOS?! IT’S HERE, BABY! IT’S HERE!


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  • Seren (@Serendipity824)

    You guys forget about Agent Carter – that’s the first Female led show from Marvel. That said, Jessica Jones is going to be amazing.

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