Justice League Odyssey#3 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson / Artist: Phil Briones and Stjepan Sejic / DC Comics

You’re in the middle of uncharted space with a bunch of people you barely know and one of your best friends is possessed by the spirit of a man that belonged to a cult that worshipped her as a god. This is what Cyborg’s last 24 hours have been like. So, don’t you dare complain about your day.

Justice League Odyssey #3 picks up on the cliffhanger from last issue as Starfire is possessed and is out for blood. Meanwhile, Azrael and Jessica Cruz search neighboring planets for some answers to just what’s going on and why.

This was a good issue for character building. A lot of this series so far has our heroes on edge as they’re in an unfamiliar environment without a super clear goal. Their actions have been very reactionary. But this issue provides time for them to gel with each other as they split up into groups of two: Starfire and Cyborg & Azrael and Jessica Cruz.

As Azrael and Jessica Cruz go out searching for answers, Cyborg tends to Starfire as she’s recovering from her possessed outburst. I felt that Williamson was really able to tap into these two character’s storied history as you could really tell how much respect and care they have for each other. It was a genuine joy seeing Cyborg so worried about Kori’s health. Moments like this will pay off later as the stakes are raised and the heroes overcome something big.

Justice League Odyssey #3 Inside

Jessica Cruz and Azrael are a bit of a different story. They don’t get along nearly as much, but it’s no surprise. Not only do they not know each other the same way that Cy and Kori do, but Azrael is a bit of a loose cannon whose motivations seem to be rooted in power rather than saving the lives of all these stranded aliens. Whatever happens, I think it’s safe to say that he’s gonna betray the team one way or another sooner rather than later.

Darkseid wasn’t in this issue too much, even though his presence on the cover suggests otherwise. One thing is clear: he’s using the heroes, but we still don’t know if it’s for a good cause or not.

The answers to a lot of our questions are still outside of our grasp. We know why the heroes are here, but we don’t know if there’s a deeper reason. And it seems like it’s gonna be a while before we find out. Normally, this would be more frustrating, but the unfamiliarity of the landscape makes up for the narrative taking its time to reveal its secrets.

Justice League Odyssey #3 gives us some hearty moments with our characters as they get some time to just be people in the midst of all the craziness. But that moment is fleeting as a new threat is revealed to be on their tail.

7.7 Mysterious Hooded Figures out of 10

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