writer: Geoff Johns / penciller: Jason Fabok / DC Comics

The penultimate issue of the Amazo Virus arc might have been a little stronger than the finale, but this was still a pretty satisfying conclusion to the best storyline of this interpretation of the Justice League since “Forever Evil” concluded. And really, that’s because Justice League #38 was really good. I can forgive the plot rapping up very quickly (as is pretty common in story arcs for comic books) because the opening monologue and action with Diana is top shelf stuff. We’ve learned over the years just how difficult it is to write Wonder Woman, but Johns skirting the edges with her through the Justice League really makes me curious what he would do with her in a standalone… but I digress…

The interactions are what reign supreme in this issue, between Lex and Superman, between Diana and everyone else. You can almost feel Superman’s frustration with how Lex creates problems only to be named the savior for being involved in the solution. It’s a really good characterization of Luthor who, after almost destroying the world with his engineering of the virus, is all too happy to puff his chest out for being congratulated on curing it. There also seems to be some stories that could spin out of this arc as more metahumans are now in the world. “New Heroes or New Villains?” is the question asked between Superman and Luthor, and I’m sure we’ll get some definitive answers to that soon.

Fabok is at the top of his game again as the action is top notch and his pencil work really stands out. Outside of Wonder Woman just pulverizing people with her shield (why don’t more creators use her shield in their books???), the panel I especially enjoyed was Superman holding back a city’s worth of people while Luthor works on the cure.

This was a fitting end to this to this arc as it tied up most plot points and left a few more dangling. We are now headed into the Darkseid War with a full Justice League for the first time in a while.

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