writer: Geoff Johns / artists: Various / DC Comics

Coming off of the very well done Amazo Virus storyline, Justice League‘s return is a mixed bag that tries to accomplish a lot. Ultimately, it sets up the Darkseid War that has been teased for a while now, by way of Metron “The Observer” as he chronicles the history that has led to this point. The problem with Metron’s retelling of history is that it’s common knowledge for any DC reader with working knowledge of the Crisis events, but isn’t fleshed out enough for those that aren’t. It’s an interesting conundrum for Johns, who attempts to navigate past history with current events in this timeline AND work Convergence into it as well.

It ultimately accomplishes the goal of setting up the next storyline as it is revealed who exactly was chasing the Crime Syndicate from their world and who plans to go to war with Darkseid. It is a Justice League title that is completely devoid of the Justice League themselves, but at least we have a clear roadmap of where we are going next.

There are A LOT of artists on this book, and that usually is a spell for disaster. That isn’t the case this time around. The art isn’t quite as clean and consistent as it is when Fabok is alone on the pencils for this book, but there are no big missteps either.

Justice League is back with an issue that is about 100% prologue for the Darkseid War. The direct sequel to this issue is coming on free comic book day, so it might be most fair to judge this one in conjunction with what follows.


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