writter & artist: John Romita, Jr / DC Comics

Convergence has left many of the monthly DC books in a weird place. We don’t yet know the future of DC and its characters post-Convergence, and on the business side many books are getting new creative teams after the jump. Superman is one of those such books, as Johns will be departing and Gene Luan Yang taking over post-event. In the in-between, John Romita, Jr takes up both the writing and pencil duties for this month’s issue with some mixed results.

While it continues the story Johns began with Superman’s new power, the change in writer is immediately distinguished from Johns himself. There’s a lot more humor, one-liners and asides in this that at times are a little overdone, but mostly a refreshing take on the characters we know so well. Whether it’s Batman’s jabs at Clark about using his jet for his personal taxi service or Flash altering his jokes because a lady (Wonder Woman) is among them, there are some good-natured progressions in the book that are enjoyable.

Where the book suffers, strangely, is in the art. It is Romita, undeniably, but the characters specifically don’t seem as clean and defined as we are used to seeing them. Edges and sharpness just aren’t up to their usual standard this month and I wouldn’t pretend to know if this is because of Romita doing double duty or not. But we have definitely seen more stellar work from him, on this run alone.

Superman #40 somehow manages to both continue the story and delineate from the usual tone (in a good way). The incorporation of the Justice League and a lot more humor than we are used changes the tone as a welcome breather, even if the art isn’t the usual top grade we’ve come to expect.


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