writer: Geoff Johns / artist: Jason Fabok / DC Comics

Ok, but seriously, I love this Justice League book. Johns has expanded upon, stretched and twisted the canon and expectations of these heroes while keeping them recognizable. This might still be called the Darkseid War, but Darkseid been dead for a while now, his god like powers splintered off into our heroes, but not necessarily for the better…But still better than the Crime Syndicate. With their attempted jailbreak last issue, they come face to face with this very new version of the Justice League. We finally get the rest of the story as to why the Crime Syndicate left their world and why they are willing to stand and fight Mobius on this one. While the negotiations between the two teams is spectacular, the actual fighting is pretty incredible. And brutal. And unexpected. So many machinations go into this fight, but they don’t come out of left field, Johns has carefully plotted this dating back to the Trinity War. Very Hickman-esque on the long game.

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As always with Fabok, this book is gorgeous and bombastic. There is never any doubt that these are gods or at least beings with god-like powers facing off against each other. Everyone looks ferocious and powerful during the fights, Mobius is especially foreboding and intimidating. He is able to demonstrate the coldness of war and the maniacal personalities of some of the more morally corrupt characters pretty seamlessly with the narrative.

I wasn’t a huge fan of The Trinity War and liked but didn’t always love Forever Evil. Yet, those stories were absolutely worth it to bring us to this moment. Short of Snyder and Capullo’s Batman, Justice League has had the strongest book from issue #1 in DC’s catalog. We’ve reached the point where no matter how this ends, something will profoundly be changed in the DCU.

9.4 Golden Lassos out of 10

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