Justice League #53 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson / Artist: Xermanico / DC Comics

Justice League #53 is the first issue in what’s ultimately going to be a five-part tie-in with the events of Dark Nights: Metal called “Doom Metal.”

It takes place in a world where Perpetua has successfully taken over the planet and is slowly making her way through the entire multiverse while the Justice League is scattered and ineffective. 

The issue starts off with a charming flashback of a young Damian Wayne reminiscing on how he used to try and sneak up on his father. One day, his attempt to do so results in him coming across Batman meeting with the Justice League. While Damian often tries to act like he’s not a kid—because he was never really allowed to be one—his innocence and youth really stand out here. 

Suddenly, we’re thrust into the future where a Nightwing is riding through what used to be the free world. Only now it’s full of monsters and overgrown swamps right where cultural meccas used to exist. 

The issue only has one major action scene, but it’s a strong one as Nightwing and Hawkgirl take on a trio of Grodd-creatures to save Detective Chimp. 

I enjoyed reading this issue as it successfully caught me up on events I may not have read in other issues but also teased out a pretty exciting story down the road with new villains and a mission that we’ll surely get to see more heroes join the fold. 

Overall, this was a good set-up, and it looks like “Doom Metal” is going to be exciting and give some of the lesser-known characters some shine in one of DC’s biggest titles. 

8.5 out of 10

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