Justice League Odyssey #10 Review

Justice League Odyssey #10

Writer: Dan Abnett / Artist: Daniel Sampere / DC Comics

Justice League Odyssey #10 follows the team as they collect old relics from across the Ghost Sector to help Darkseid build Sepulkore, the device that he claims will be able to shield the universe from the effects of the destruction of the Source Wall.

The teams are split up in groups of two, each of them fighting armies of people who want to prevent Darkseid from creating this device. And I mean, I don’t blame them. Darkseid is one of the most notorious rulers in the entire universe. Now, he wants to save it? I’m wary of using real-life examples to convey why some people might be apprehensive about Darkseid suddenly wanting to save the day. So, just think about Earth’s most infamous dictators and killers and imagine one day they started shifting their focus to stopping global warming and ending world hunger. I’m sure you’d be a little skeptical as well.

Then why, you might ask, is this Justice League B Team buying into Darkseid’s plan? Because they’re gonna double-cross him, of course. They gather the relics for him, and since he’s the only one powerful enough to put the relics together to create the device, they wait idly by until it’s created, then BOOM! They throw hands for the fate of the universe and steal the device before he gets a chance to use it.

Justice League Odyssey #10 Inside

But there’s only one problem. Okay, maybe two. This was Darkseid’s plan from the jump. You don’t think he’s thought about this? That this who’s who of Leaguers might think to foil his plans? But I get it. They don’t really have another choice. This is all they can do. They’re cut off from the rest of the League, and they’re stuck in the Ghost Sector with limited resources.

To add insult to injury, it seems like Darkseid is controlling half of the group, almost like he’s foreseen a double cross, because who wouldn’t? So now the team, already lacking trust, has to keep one eye on the goal, and the other behind their backs so this last-ditch effort isn’t compromised by a sleeper agent. It might end up being Cyborg and Jessica Cruz vs. Azrael and Starfire when it all comes down to it. And Darkseid is gonna be sippin’ tea somewhere on a pile of dead bodies or something as he takes responsibility for saving the universe.

Speaking of Jessica Cruz, she’s got a little bit of a makeover this issue. Because she’s trying to preserve the complete depletion of her power ring, she’s salvaged some blasters and a dope cape from a fallen soldier and has since gone full Space Rambo. It’s a good look for her character and it’s a more visual way to show the wear and tear of the group after being stuck in the Ghost Sector for so long. I’d definitely buy a DC Collectible to put on my desk.

Justice League Odyssey #10 brings us to the point that the series has been building towards from its first issue: A confrontation with Darkseid.

8.5  Space Rambo Green Lanterns Out Of 10

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