A Black Military Veteran Mother of Two Is Coming for the Game in ‘Kick-Ass’

Kick-Ass #1 is on shelves Wednesday, February 14th.

Writer: Mark Millar / Artist: John Romita Jr. / Image Comics

Kick-Ass is back ladies and gentlemen. Kick-Ass is coming for your favorite superhero’s lunch money! Kick-Ass is Patience Lee, a black military veteran and mother of two! This is monumental fam. After the original comic and eventual movie, it seemed highly improbable this role could ever be filled by a strong woman of color, but here we are. Here we are. Our brand spankin’ new titular character comes out the gate swingin’ and runs all the jewels before the bad guys can make a lame Spiderman joke.

Millar and Romita Jr. waste no time getting back to the upper cuts, broken bones and murder music while fleshing out Patience’s military background beautifully. You get an excellent sense of her tactical prowess and natural born killer tendencies as the first couple of pages get under way. Whereas Hit-Girl had the Arya Stark skills on fleeky, Patience leans a tad towards Mikasa Ackerman and her stone cold ways. It’s a treat to see her unleash the beast within early on.

Sticking up for the weak has always been the Kick-Ass focus, but this new run excels in an area the original couldn’t even touch; truly giving back to your family and community. Doin it for the hood and puttin’ on for your city. Patience leaves Afghanistan a celebrated hero, but returns home to Crooklyn levels of problems. She winds up having to make some huge choices, leading to her current predicament with The Dude’s best friend. One thing is for sure, Albuquerque will never be the same once Patience Kick-Ass is through.

Mark Millar is back to writing like a wizard, crafting a new world of bad-assery and believability. I don’t know how he continues to make comics that are so insanely good, yet still conceivable. That’s what I appreciate most; Millar never let’s real world problems escape his creations and storytelling.

Patience could be daydreaming about her squadron that never quit, and in the next panel get called into the bathroom to wipe her daughter’s poo filled ass. Just a lovely dose of reality for ya. John Romita Jr. looks like he’s having a blast drawing this story too.

The eye-gouging, nut punching action is just the cherry on top of the excellent facial expressions we get from a black super heroine all throughout issue #1. These two artists are off to a marvelous start and I can’t wait to see where they take us.

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