Kinsgsman: The Red Diamond #4 Review

Writer: Rob Williams / Artist: Simon Fraser / Image Comics

Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally hit our Kingsman stride! This Red Diamond run has been a little up and down but Rob Williams has been quite consistent, and his writing goes hard in Issue #4. I’ve been open about my distaste for Fraser’s style of art in this comic, but he really elevates a lot of panels to a level of excellence I’ve only seen a few times in the previous issues.

Kwaito really is the truth, fam. South African Misty Knight takes center stage this issue and the world is a better place because of it. Our heroes were left in the ultimate cliffhanger last issue and their only way out resulted in some really dope “standard issue” spy perks.

One of the greatest aspects of the entire Red Diamond run is the focus on the world’s leading cities descending into chaos and anarchy. Williams couples that madness with the dynamic that is Eggsy’s family, which gives this comic a phenomenal “real world” real. You feel his pain when he calls home to make sure his mum and little bruv are ok. It only gets more gut wrenching when we see that they are in fact, not ok and falling subject to the same advantageous unrest as the rest of the “civilized” countries across the globe.

“Shine bright like a diamond”

A good amount of this issue featured aerial scenes and Fraser does his dam thing with each panel. Drawing airborne movement is no easy task, but he really captivates you while the head-smashing, life-saving action happens in the sky. As the cover alludes to, this issue features the most violent sexy scene I’ve seen since Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci got their penetration game on mid-bullet hurling gunfight in Shoot Em Up.

Also, I gotta give props to Fraser’s illustration of an injured, yet highly seductive Kwaito. Her hair is literally birds nest levels of course and her skin is unapologetically black Af. Give us all that Kwaito glory!

8 Kanye, Stormzy and Jay-Z “boiiis” out of 10

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