Steps on how to make a badass trailer for a badass series with a badass female protagonist:

1) First off, that talkin shit? Scrap that. We don’t need your punkass dialogue for the sake of drama. Like this shit ain’t drama.

2) At about the 45 second mark, let them drums knock like the damn police during sweeps week.

3) Bending, bending and more bending.

4) We still ain’t talkin, b.

5) Show your badasses doing badass things. Let that Tai Chi murda musik bump.

6) Give us old faces in new places. Being badasses. While bending.

7) Did you say something? Naw, I didn’t think so b. Cuz ain’t shit else to say.

8) When you’re done, watch at least twice more before bed.


  • William is the Editor-In-Chief, leader of the Black Knights and father of the Avatar. With Korra's attitude, not the other one.

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