Legend of Korra Recap: The Calling

Book Four: Balance / Episode: 4

Avatar-Verse Livetweeting:

@Aangs_Favorite: Not gonna act like sending the kids away won’t worry me. Not gonna act like sending the kids away won’t be awesome. #StayCation

@Aangs_Favorite: President Reiko talking about “The Kuvira Problem?” Sheeeeyet. Shoulda never gave you dirt benders freedom. #Diplomacy

@MiddleBender: Holy crap, they gave me lines this episode?!?!

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: All I know is we bout to be out in the world, FLOURISHIN’. We gonna be livin off the land like poor Earthbenders!

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: Who the *#$% smudged my sweet roll?!?!

@GirlWitDaArrowTattoos: Damn, this spirit GPS works about as well as On-star does in New York City. #MoreLikeNopeTropolis

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: “I answer to no man…or girl, even if she does have tattoos.” #WeDoinThisThingOrAreWeDoinThisThing

@GirlWitDaArrowTattos: If Meelo asks me one more time how much longer till we stop I’M GOING TO SCREAM. It clearly said next temple rest stop next scene.

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: I hope this wing suit is self cleaning cuz I don’t know how much longer I can hold it. #ImGuessingSelfCleaningWingSuitsDontExist

@GirlWitDaArrowTattoos: Finally, I can sit and medit—

@MiddleBender: #Jinora better hurry up because this is boring and Korra is out there and needs our help and Meelo kept kicking me the whole trip and Jinora better hurry up.

@MiddleBender: #StillCantBelieveIHaveSpeakingParts

@GirlWitDaArrowTattoos: A sista can’t even get 5 minutes in the spirit world without being interrupted. I should let Kai know that we’re never having kids. #TubeBender

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: Alright, time to scout this town and find the Avatar. #ClapForABenderWithYoStankinBleep

@MiddleBender: Who knew my little brother could draw! This picture he has of #Korra is beautiful

@MiddleBender: Wait a minute…why doesn’t Korra have a shirt on in this picture??? Was this a Titanic, “I must draw you” situation??? #Gross

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: You don’t know sh#t about me sister RT @MiddleBender: Wait a minute…why doesn’t #Korra have a shirt on in this picture?

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: Old woman called me adorable and put the paws on my cheeks today. She better not be here when I come back with the Airbender Army #AirNation #WeRollDeep

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: Shop owner talking about “Do we still have an avatar.” After I put that tornado all up in his pottery shelves I asked him if he still had a business. #RespectTheBender

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: Still no sign of #Korra. But that don’t mean that hope is lost. #WhoDaCutieWithTheFlowerBasket

@MiddleBender: Ugh, if @BigKingAir_MDoubleE keeps flirting with girls when we’re supposed to be looking for #Korra, this will take us forever. #BoysSuck #ThrowRocksAtThem

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: Watch how I bend game one time…#MrStealYourBender

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: Yo fam, tried to hit her with that “I’ve seen some things” line. Then she rubbed your boy’s hair and I forgot where I was.

@MiddleBender: Well I know where you’re at… #SoftVille [email protected]_MDoubelE: …Then she rubbed your boy’s hair and I forgot where I was.

@Korra_D_Avatar: So…I’d love to tell you how much fun I’ve been having… #HavingABlastInTheSwamp #WishYouWereHere #ToPutMeOutOfMyMisery

@Korra_D_Avatar: I asked Toph to tell me some stories of the old days with Aang. She told me to go bend myself. #SweetGrandmaToph

@Korra_D_Avatar: For real, I’d have a better time of bending a building under the bridge without touching the sides then getting more than 10 words at a time out of Toph. #WeBendersCallThatOperation

@Korra_D_Avatar: Now this woman sending me to get some slimy ass mushrooms? I wonder what @BaeDayAyeDay is doing. She out building shit. Here I am, looking for nasty ass fungus in the swamp.

@Korra_D_Avatar: #EverybodyWannaBeTheAvatarButNobodyWannaBeTheAvatar

@MiddleBender: First @BigKingAir_MDoubleE tosses all our food into the river and then talks about hunting even though we don’t eat meat? #NotABrainBenderObviously

@MiddleBender: …and don’t get me started on #LilMissMaster who does nothing but meditate and complain about not seeing twitterless Kai. #TimeForAHairCutAndATwitterAccountKai

@MiddleBender: So…funny story…I kind of got captured by these two #EarthNation dudes. #AirTweet

@MiddleBender: Also…I can hear everything they’re saying and I just wiped fake tears off my face even thought they tied me up. #TheresLevelsToThis #BeFreeWhenIWantToBe

@Korra_D_Avatar: Had some visions today about all my former foes, Amon, Unalaq and Zaheer. #ScaryShit #YouAintSeenWhatISeen

@Korra_D_Avatar: …But Zaheer is locked up and Amon and Unalaq both #DeadAsFuck #StillStanding #StillBendingTheFour

@GirlWitDaArrowTattoos: This is really the worst, I can’t meditate for 10 minutes without one of my siblings messing everything up. #BenderCantHaveNoLuxuryAroundThisMFer #BlackAvatarJesus

@GirlWitDaArrowTattoos: So, now Meelo (I refuse to spell out his obnoxious handle) has food poisoning. I’m SOOOOOOO done with this whole trip. #Korra might have to roll dolo.

@GirlWitDaArrowTattoos: …AND @MIDDLEBENDER IS MISSING. After this, Kai better be taking me on a surprise trip somewhere. I’ve earned it.

@MiddleBender: @GirlWitDaArrowTattoos Don’t worry about me. Seriously. These guys that captured me…#Idiots #EarthBenderSlander #DealWithIt #AirTweet

@GirlWitDaArrowTattoos: @MiddleBender CAPTURED! We’re on our way! #AirTweet

@MiddleBender: @GirlWitDaArrowTattoos No really, like barely functional kind of stupid, so don’t worry about me. They got our food too. #TellMeeloHeOwesMe #MaccaroonsForDinner

@MiddleBender: Andddddd, these guys can’t stop talking. By the way @ZafouFounder, they said #Kuvira is on her way to Zafou. You’re welcome #AirTweet #TeamFollowBack

@MiddleBender: By the way, when I told them about being left out, I was only half playing them. #MiddleChildBlues #SubTweet #AirTweet #TalkingAboutTheWritersToo

@MiddleBender: @GirlWitDaArrowTattoos and @BigAirKing_MDoubleE came in and knocked the dudes out like I needed help. #ButIDidnt #OhWell #MaccaroonsForYourConcusions

@Korra_D_Avatar: Had a good talk with Toph today. She broke some shit down to the gristle for me. Told me I should learn something from my enemies. #LessonsFromPsychopaths #Yeah

@Korra_D_Avatar: Equality, Spirits and Freedom are what those lunatics wanted. Which I guess doesn’t sound crazy. This old ass blind woman is #GivingMeLife right now.

@Korra_D_Avatar: “You can’t expect to deal with future enemies if you’re still fighting the old ones” – #TophBeifong #RealBenderShit #RealBendersDoRealThings

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: Yo, yo, yo, why the vines come snatch Pepper out the sky on some Spider-man crap. This is all @MiddleBender’s fault. #JinoraToo

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: #BoysOnlyMissionsFromHereOnOut

@Korra_D_Avatar: Toph took me to the Banyan Grove Tree. Now I know who her internet provider is #NoShade #NoDialUpEither

@Korra_D_Avatar: Toph says I need to get reconnected with everything. The spirits, my friends and family. Everything. And I guess touching the tree does that??? #TophMightBeSenile #JustSayin

@Korra_D_Avatar: Oh…#ThatWasPrettyCoolActually


@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: For the record, Toph DaGawd likes me better than #ThoseOtherTwo

@Korra_D_Avatar: So, #Kuvira is out here stuntin (I called that shit) and the world needs its #Avatar back. Ehhhhhhhh #AboutThat

@Korra_D_Avatar: Toph says I need to get the poison out of my system on my own. #Ugh #SoNotUpForThisShit

@Korra_D_Avatar: Aiight, Benders gonna work it out. #CarryThisWeight #DropThisPoison

@BigKingAir_MDoubleE: #AvatarBack #LikeWeNeverLeft #TurnTheBendUpInMyHeadPhones

@MiddleBender: @Korra_D_Avatar is Back everyone! I hope I still get to talk in future episodes after this. #WritersNeverLovedUs

@Korra_D_Avatar: I’m back. Got my Avatar State Back. Been training with Da Gawd #OriginalBeifong and my this hairdo is KILLIN THEM. You #KuviraLames don’t want no trouble!

@Korra_D_Avatar: THANKS TOPH!!!

@Korra_D_Avatar: And oh yeah, keep my gotdamn name out your mouth [email protected] Kids came looking for the #Avatar. I’m like, we still got one of those? #AvatarSpiritedAway


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