Legend of Korra Recap: The Terror Within

Book 3: Change / Episode VIII

Off the top, let me tell you something fam, if you watched that last episode and thought, ‘Yeah, this is a cool track and all, but that spitta Korra didn’t even get a verse on that drop,’ then this first scene is for your ass. Yeah, from jump, Korra hollerin at Aang like I SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THIS SON! Avatar Korra, first of her name, only 4 way bender to put a crink in that metal, b. I know Aang is gawdbody for some of you, but I still think Korra walkin up on that legacy like:

So, wait, Korra been a bad ass from jump and now she got that Lin cablework?!?! Sheeeeeyet, these cats ain’t ready. Flex for the people one time Special K.

Meanwhile, Bolin out here doing BEFORE shots for Cialis commercials and shit. Like, he might want to see a doctor at this point. Your boy can’t sling that metal for shit. And if that didn’t already drop him into Population Feels, then Asami The Bae and bringer of terrible fucking news reminds them that the going away dinner for Opal is tonight. Bolin lookin like his grandma gave him that chain.

They at dinner and Bolin still fighting back those thug tears when Opal drops that, “We’ll always have Kale….”

Aaaaand, this is why Opal can never reach the level of Asami Da Fictional Bae. Asami out here whippin her back and forth, taking down her father, Andretti’s the whip, snatches dudes off the motorcycle and never smear the make-up. Opal out here talkin about some Kale. You tellin me jokes, fam. I hope they got some soul food up on Air Temple Island because I feel like we need to go drop squad on Opal. How Bolin gonna take her gentrified ass back to Ba Sing Se to meet grandma and his 78 cousins when she got a private chambers on the airship larger than their apartment?

Varrick out here trying to sell ice to polar bear dogs with his newest invention and Mako is pissed because he can’t bend his hearing to other side of the table, which might have been the weakest way to bring Aiwei back into the story.

Y’all ain’t slick

Opal catch the Manifest Destiny airship out of Zaofu and Suyin tells her people to lock it down for the night. Which translates to “we got more leaks than a Big Sean single” in TV talk. The whole gotdamn Angels of Death crew all up in the Metal City like they got a quiet spot on the west side of town or some shit. They up in there COMFY as a muthafucka. They sneaking past guards like this is Splinter Cell on easy. Ming-Hua cut that glass with her tentacle arms because lasers are for punks and puts down Naga with three darts before Zaheer hits Korra in the meaty part of the leg. And by the way, you know Korra growing up because she’s wearing real night time gear now.

Back in Book 1, she was up in Air Temple Island sleeping in her Uggs and armband like rent was due the next morning and she spent her last cash on repairing the slides she set on fire. They snatch up Korra and probably would’ve gotten out of there except Pabu is the only one on watch apparently. Bolin finally stops dreaming about brown folks getting moved out of their homes Kale and wakes up Mako. You know shit about to go down because those drums start knocking. They put the flood lights on the AOD and think they got them cornered. Until Ghazan starts lavabending…these cats man.

A few notes on this fight:
If you told me that one of the best action scenes that has happened so far would take place while Korra was unconscious, I would’ve been like:

Also…I love Ming-Hua…but how does she not run out of water? She is shooting water at these cats man. She starting to wander into Legolas’ quiver at this point. Legolas gonna run out of long flowing blonde hair before he runs out of arrows, b. I’m just sayin, if she can create water like that, Detroit would love her services over this kidnap the Avatar shit.


I ain’t mad, I just need more than the fact this dude has studied more guru teachings than Paul the Apostle.

Eventually, Su and Lin rescue Korra by dropping from the roof and the AOD escape…somehow.

Unfortunately, the second part of the episode loses all its momentum like the Wedding Crashers after Owen Wilson and his broken face falls in love. It basically turns to CSI: Zaofu. Or Lie to Me: Metal City Edition. If you don’t know that reference, it’s because you never watched that show. It’s ok, nobody else did either.

I have no idea how this didn’t run for six seasons

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Truth Serum starts interrogating everyone with the same technique and intense look on his face that most of us have when we’ve eaten too much bran. After witnessing Varrick’s nightly routine (cuz lyme disease is a killer my peoples, stay woke) and then questioning Suyin on how she ages at half the rate that Lin does, Serum finally settles on the 18 year old guard. This cat ain’t even been to Metal City prom yet and he’s supposed to be Zaheer’s inside man? Bruh.

Mako gets on his detective beat again and realizes that this suspect was five when the AOD got locked up. I’m sayin, this dude was in kindergarten, back when Barry Allen ran himself to death, how is he responsible? Varrick Stark pops in to tell him that he has firsthand experience framing people and this looks mad familiar.

Team Avatar makes their way to Truth Serum’s nest and find a hidden passage. But when Serum comes back to the spot, instead of hiding down in the hidden passage, they decide to just be caught red handed in his home instead…I love Team Avatar, but they are sorely missing an Armin type character just to make sure they don’t do stupid shit like this. Armin wouldn’t have let them cats sit down and sip on some tea while Serum put all his shit back in the right place on the book shelves. Armin would’ve known that there was a giant fuckin metal plate between Team Avatar and Serum. I have no idea what kind of bender Armin would’ve been though. Probably gender neutral blonde hair bender.

After Truth Serum escapes and collapses the tunnel behind him, Suyin catches some feels over being betrayed…to the level where her husband might want to get some DNA testing for those twins. Korra wants to go after him but Lin wants to protect her from the AOD…and surprisingly, Korra submits, but it feels a little too easy…

Suyin helped talk Korra off the ledge, but we’ve said it before man, these Beifongs ain’t loyal, b. She comes to Team Avatar that night still mad that the possible father of some of her kids (yo, don’t get mad at me, rumors spread fast in the Metal City, fam) betrayed her. This shit is personal. She throws Korra the keys to the jeep and tells them to go after the fugitives before Lin finds out. I’m sayin though, we gonna act like they don’t NEED Lin? Is this the part we pretend that Lin can’t whip them cables back and forth? Why couldn’t they just tell Lin, you either roll or get rolled on? What she gonna do, take on all of Team Avatar? Sheeeyet, she ain’t trying to get a matching scar on her left cheek, especially since Korra got the utility belt too now. Armin rollin over in his shoulder length bob cut over this, yo.


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