Loki: Agent of Asgard #12 Review

Writer:Al Ewing / Artist:Lee Garbett / Marvel

The original God of Lies is back. As we saw last issue OG Loki or The future Loki has finally broke free from his chains and is tormenting his present self. Ewing takes us on a behind the scenes as we see the schemes of future Loki come to fruition as everything he did was set in place to undermine the present Loki. The question on how future Loki would go back to being in his evil ways was a running mystery through out this issue. Ewing’s storytelling this issue was like going through a bunch of different doors with a skeleton key, and each room offered a different perspective that connected into another and so on and so on.


The big question remains however, why would Loki return to being evil after all he has done to try and erase the transgressions of his past self? Ewing hits hard as he delivers that it was due to the fact that even though he succeeded, he was still only seen as the God of Lies. That’s some fucking pathos right there man. Loki was trying to be better and finally did so just to be constantly reminded by everyone that no matter what honest thing he may actually do or have done, he is still the God of Lies. Loki was constantly being reminded of what he is instead of what he became, which lead to him getting his Drake on and “Going back to my ways”.

Per usual Lee Garbett art work is on point. His depiction of young (pop star looking Loki) in contrast to Future Loki (Older wrinkly Mr. Burns in the face looking boy) is great as is displays two different version of the same person with a completely separated disposition as well. All of Lee’s depictions of Asgard’s characters were great including Asgard itself. The final chapter has yet to close on Loki and we still have to see if the future evil Loki will truly win or if there is a sliver of hope for the present Loki. Regardless of how this all turns out, I gotta say Al Ewing added more levels to Loki than we have seen in any interpretation of this characters history prior.


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