My Favorite Game of Thrones Scenes: #4 Cersei Holds Court

As we check off the weeks before GAME OF THRONES Season 5 premieres on April 12th, we’re having a hard time holding down our excitement. To keep that intensity going, I will be counting down my favorite scenes that the series has produced so far. Keep in mind these are “my favorite” scenes. Please share your favorites in the comments. Check the whole list here.

From Season Two, Episode Nine: Blackwater

“The Gods have no mercy, that’s why they’re Gods.”

I don’t doubt that many Thrones watchers will say that the best individual performance on the show is by Peter Dinklage as Tyrion. Season two was basically his spotlight and extending into season four, his courtroom monologue is one of the most memorable non-death scenes the show has ever had. All of that is fair. For my money, I’m a Lena Headey/Cersei Barantheon stan all day long. She is maddening, vicious, and heartless but she does those things on the show better than anybody does anything else. She is consistently great throughout all the seasons, but for me, her scenes from the action packed “Blackwater” episode in season two was her high water mark.

In a three minute scene, she basically attempts to destroy Sansa’s religious faith, sensibilities, allegiances, sobriety, nobility and feminine ideals. I mean, who puts the fear of God in someone with a sexual assault by proxy??? Sansa would’ve almost been safer fighting Stannis’ forces outside the walls then spending another few hours with Cersei.

(click on the gifs for the full video)

Not even included in this video is the fable that she tells her son Tommen while sitting on the Iron Throne when she was prepared to poison him and herself in case Stannis came through that door and not her father. Lena Headey is the reason I’m most excited to see what happens in Season 5 because all the restraints have come off that character and Cersei is about to TURN UP in King’s Landing, fam. Can’t wait.

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  • fevredream

    Very much in agreement. Lena deserves an Emmy just as much as Dinklage; they’re both stand out as amazing among what is generally a ridiculously talented cast. I really think this season will be hers.

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