Loki: Agent Of Asgard #13 Review

writer: Al Ewing / artist: Lee Garbett / Marvel Comics

Dude, Ewing is a genius on this one, man. I enjoy his work on Loki and gotta admit I found myself a bit lost between future-Loki and present-Loki, but with this issue right here? IT ALL COMES 360 DEGREE WINDMILL FULL CIRCLE! We last saw present-Loki being burned by the future-Loki and taken to a metaphysical afterlife where our dude has to make a choice. I’m not aiming to spoil anything but you know damn well you can’t be giving Loki choices, Loki makes his own. This shit right here puts the God of Lie– (oh you’ll see why I had to stop myself) The Gawd Loki in the drivers seat and we see with help from some friends that he is able to make his own choice and admit some things to himself that he needs to know. Ewing is beast for this shit right here, man.

Garbett on the art really came through as well. He really gives present and future Loki’s two vastly different looks and feels when reading them. There’s also a surprise ending in the epilogue that shows how vastly good Garbett is with his character distinctions when it comes to art. The dude is answering the challenge when weaving this story. It’s a pleasure to read Ewing and Garbett teaming up to bring this new version of Loki to the fold. It has been a long trip but they have made Loki vastly more interesting than any other appearance (minus Kid Loki and Kid Loki in Young Avengers) that come to mind. This has been an arc worthy reading and adding to the collection.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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