‘Loosely Exactly Nicole’ Is Exactly What You Need

Believe me when I tell you that comedian Nicole Byer is out here killing the web series game. Loosely Exactly Nicole is a web series airing on Facebook that is loosely based on Nicole’s actual life. I’m writing this to implore you to get your own life by watching this comedic masterpiece.

Here’s what you need to know about Loosely Exactly Nicole:

It is sexy AF

Nicole is out here living her best life, pulling all the hotties and taking all the names. Loosely Exactly Nicole is the first comedy or series that I’ve seen where a dark-skinned, plus sized, Black woman’s sexuality is taken more seriously than Bella Swan’s. Finally, it is taken as seriously as it really is. Nicole isn’t reduced to the second rate best friend. She’s the star. Mama be givin’ it to em with confidence, hair and body-ody-ody.

2. This ain’t your sister’s Insecure.

With awkward black girls becoming the hot new trope, Loosely Exactly Nicole takes the cake and smashes it in the face of patriarchy. Nicole isn’t awkward at all. In fact, she’s the flyest one on her team. Based in Hollywood… or adjacent to Hollywood, Nicole is finding her way into the spotlight as a comedian and actress with a little help from her friends. As to be expected, she struggles with keeping the lights on, navigating Tinder and doing the absolute most during auditions. What could be taken as awkwardness is probably Nicole’s IDGAF attitude. She’s a risk taker, even if that means painting someone else’s child in blackface for an audition (see S1 Ep1).

3. Body-ody-ody Positive

Nicole and her bestie/roommate Devin are body goals. They are loving themselves and being fabulous. Are there mentions of weight? Sure. Is anyone being put down for being fat, skinny, tall, short, gay or straight? Oh, no, honey. Ain’t none of that going down in Loosely Exactly Nicole. Everyone is celebrated and seen and gettin’ some [*wink, wink].

Each episode of Loosely Exactly Nicole is about 20 minutes long at that. Give it a try. Kick back on your sofa with the laptop or lay in bed holding your phone in a way that it won’t fall on your face while you’re laughing. If you dare play it at work on your break, wear headphones. Loosely Exactly Nicole is NSFW and that’s part of the charm. Just don’t blame me for loosing your job over peen jokes.

Loosely Exactly Nicole is absolutely exactly what you need for a funny, sexy binge night. You can find Nicole Byer and seasons 1 and 2 of Loosely Exactly Nicole on Facebook Watch.

loosely exactly nicole

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Loosely Exactly Nicole


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