Magneto #9 (March to AXIS) Review

writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Gabriel Hernandez Walta

I don’t know the business of making comics all that well, but I imagine that if you have a comic book with a lot of momentum in a particular story line, but you are included (or roped in, who knows) into a big crossover event that you are not writing the main thrust of, it can probably become a little frustrating. Well, it is at least frustrating to the reader. Fresh off of issue #7, where Magneto was clearly at the end of his rope in dealing with his diminished powers was about to take a huge step that could change everything for him…then March to AXIS came calling and therefore gives us a sort of One Shot issue instead. This isn’t a bad issue of Magneto (I don’t think there’s been one of those on Bunn’s run to be honest), but it definitely didn’t hold my attention like the previous storyline did.

What works for this issue is the backstory that Magneto gives us, in detailing his failures to enact revenge on an SS officer from the concentration camps, and now wanting to correct that failure by taking down Red Skull. As you might imagine, it doesn’t end very well for him, but who knows how much this will carry over either into the next Magneto or into the AXIS storyline itself.

All in all, this isn’t an issue of Magneto you should skip, especially if you are looking forward to the AXIS crossover, but it definitely isn’t a continuation of Magneto’s existing story, which was in full stride just an issue ago.


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