Man-Eaters #7 Review

Maneaters #7 Cover

Writer: Chelsea Cain / Artist: Kate Niemczyk / IMAGE

Summon the Tampons

When the Panthers come out to play and you’re surrounded by nothing but Hunters, there will be plenty of questions. The Cain-Niemczyk team lured me in within the first couple of panels of Man-Eaters #7. The usage of an invaded house on the first page is a great concept that continues throughout this series, as well as this specific issue. What I appreciate about this issue is that this feels investigative. Previous issues in the Man-Eaters series consistently felt like a mystery that kept heightening. More variables consistently showing up, and layers kept forming.

Maneaters #7 Inside Pic

Wiping the Blood Clean

What this issue does is break down each layer and splay it for the readers. We get to investigate the femme experience from the mother daughter perspective. Man-Eaters #7 addresses the visuals and nuances that accompany the mother and daughter relationship that felt so difficult to navigate through at first. Niemczyk’s quips flourishes in the darkness. In this issue, we get to see Margot’s mother through her own eyes, instead of a reader attempting to analyze the dangers that lurk at the tip of a used tampon. In the previous issues, the mother was a mysterious character I was afraid of trusting due to what her job entails. As the comic went on, I felt the nuances of trust and release kept pandering between the panels.

I had various questions that consistently came to mind. What does each feminine/hygiene product symbolize throughout the series? What role will this hygiene product play in comparison to all of the “feminine” reduction chemicals throughout the series? Blood will always be a main topic, but will its purpose transform beyond cats and periods? What I assume to be a huge twist to come next issue, I’m excited to see the decisions that the Cain-Niemczyk team will make in future issues.

9.6 CODE RED’s! out of 10

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