Marauders #10 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan / Artists: Matteo Lolli / Marvel

Dawn of X is back in full force in the form of Marauders. Things are looking grimmer and grimmer for Captian Kate Pryde. It’s hard to believe that Kate might be dead but every passing issue feels like another nail in the coffin. Leave it to Gerry Duggan to make readers worry in an age where it’s next to impossible for an X-Man to die.

This issue of Marauders doesn’t necessarily focus on Kate. While you can tell that her absence is felt, it’s mostly business as usual for the crew. Kate’s disappearance won’t stop the fact that mutant haters are going to hate. This time it’s in the form of Forge’s old power dampening technology designed specifically against mutants. This mission strays from their usual mutant smuggling operation but serves to show how far the X-Men are willing to go.

The Marauders are playing for keeps and that means doing whatever it takes to make sure these weapons are out of their enemy’s hands and never see the light of day again. You know things are serious when even Emma joins the crew to make sure matters are handled. As always, seeing Ms. Frost in action is a treat and we get some classic Emma Frost battle tactics. If looks could kill, Emma’s body count must be through the roof. Stefano Caselli’s artwork and pages show the white queen at her best.

What stands out most about this mission is how cold the crew feels. Without Kate there, it feels like everyone (Storm and Iceman especially) is strictly business instead of the fun-loving band of merry pirates that they started out as. Marauders is definitely one of those books that highlights how far the X-Men are willing to go to protect themselves. Against their enemies and even against those they consider their allies. It felt like Kate kept the members of this crew centered. Now, it seems like they lost that moral core.

Most of this issue feels like the calm before the storm. From the Dawn of X files/interludes, we dig deep into how Kate really felt about being unable to be a part of Krokoa like everyone else. These little snippets paint a different picture, making readers feel even more sorry for the missing captain. I’m wondering how the crew will keep it together as the next issue hits as we might be getting the final word of Captain Kate’s fate.

8.5 ‘Untold Tales” out of 10

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