Marauders #21 Review

Welcome to the Hellfire Gala!
Marauders #21

Writers: Gerry Duggan / Artist(s): Matteo Lolli / Marvel

Spoilers be on Their 3rd Wardrobe Change Before Midnight

Marauders #21 does exactly what it’s supposed to. It gives us a taste of the glitz and glam of a mutant style New York Met Gala while dropping some Earth shattering bombs on humanity and all of Marvel’s readers. They crushed the writing, and Emma Frost is our drop dead gorgeous host who prances gracefully around the Gala like the smooth auntie at the reunion that’s slightly tipsy. You understand the weight of the Hellfire Gala as the guest list of friends and salty frienemies walk through the temporarily non-mutant compatible gate to Mykines. Around the world, every country has their eyes on the party that’s supposed to change everything (again), and those lucky enough to receive an invitation get to feast their eyes on Jumbo Carnation’s impeccable fashion sense. Shout out to the artist(s) who created the fashion designs for these incredible fits.

Marauders #21

It’s Gamblin’ Time!!

There’s so much I love start to finish about Marauders #21. It’s a star studded, fashion killer affair, and Gerry Duggan knows how to write his Bast dam characters! Beast coming through with the fed up old black grandpa line of “What she talmbout?? I didn’t agree to none of that shit!” was so on point. Doom being an absolute boor amidst all the spectacle and gallantry? Proper. Emma fantasizing about the possibility of a Steve Rogers romp…right before realizing she probably reminds him of his mother. Hilarity. The surprise heat banger and eye opener?! Gotta be The Thing pullin up on a bunch of bad boys in the gala cut playin Ceelo and tellin them youngins to never disrespect a blue-eyed Thing ready “to roll some bones”!

The remainder of Marauders #21 was a true celebration of mutantdom and the beautiful side of this Krakoan age of the X-Men. The swag levels of all life on Earth tripled on this glorious day. Verbal venom was exchanged between long-time foes. Gay love was congratulated and placed on a pedestal. Shady dealings were rewarded. And did I mention that the entire book is gorgeous?! Drawn so clean by Lolli and colored impressively by Edgar Delgado.

Marauders #21

Standout Moments

Oooww Marauders #21 getting spicy on sight Reed Richards?! We know comic book writers love a good secret whisper, so whatever Mr. Fantastic said to Professor X is gonna cause a stir in these nerdy streets!

The Stepford Cuckoos pulled some covert memory release shit on one of the guests, and I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out in the coming issues.

I loved Robbie Reyes asking about the Gala being open bar and Thor responding with the most mead filled flagon flex of all time, “Every bar is open when you travel with Thor Odinson!”

In her meeting with the Hellfire Gala inner circle, she announces one of the real reasons they’re doing this thing in the first place. After this night, there will no longer need to be a black market for Krakoan medicine. The Shi’ar space ships hovering in the air and various crafts waiting on the surface mean this Gala has alllll the implications on Earth and beyond! The ramifications of Marauders #21 will be wild to see.

10 Sentimental Rubes out of 10

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