Marvel Team Up #3: Spider-man and Ms. Marvel Review

Writer: Eve Ewing / Artist: Joey Vazquez with Moy R. / Marvel Comics

Before we get down and dirty, can we show some serious appreciation for that cover image?! Ms. Marvel blasting a mean web shot into the face of some punk and Spider-Man with the embiggen fist to the face of a random mohawked bandit! Love it. In this issue, Peter and Kamala decide it’s either now or never. Getting their bodies back is priority number one, but Dr. Yesenia Rosario’s Polly device is out of commission, so how will they accomplish this daunting task? Not to mention, tech fiend Jackal might have an ace up his sleeve when the tag team comes for him. Let’s dig in the final issue written by Eve Ewing and drawn by Joey Vazquez with Moy R.

This Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel story arc has been one that never forgot what these two heroes are about. Spider-Man always manages to keep it lighthearted with mid-battle quips and one liners, while Ms. Marvel has maintained a vigorous youthfulness.

Both of these huge aspects of their characters are captured perfectly when they vent about how badly they want to return to their original forms. Peter wants to slap everybody talmbout being bossed around the house and hating high school, cuz teenager. Kamala groans over the sneak peek at the rampant email recipient life of an adult and can’t wait to go back to a life of lip gloss and best friend convos. Eve Ewing does excellent work giving both heroes an authentic voice and making their concerns all too real.

By the end if this issue, Peter and Kamala go full on handicap match with Jackal while Dr. Yesenia is tied up and begging for help. The one liners and webs fly as Joey Vazquez and Moy R do a marvelous job of bringing the rich, detailed city and laboratories to life before our eyes. Ewing continues to carve out her impact on Marvel comics and I hope her next outing is even more ambitious and well written than the last.

7 Post-Kidnapping Pizzas out of 10

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