Meet Me at the Altar: “Batman: Prelude to the Wedding #1 – Robin vs. Ra’s al Ghul”

Writer: Tim Seeley / Artists: Brad Walker / DC Comics

From This Day Forward

As King prepares for the big BatCat wedding this July, Seeley is treating us to a series of stories featuring other members of the Batfamily as they make preparation for the event, and I am so excited to have Seeley back for a spell. His work on Nightwing was stellar. I was giddy to have him back for these short vignettes, and man did I have every reason to be.

Our story opens with Selina and Damian out shopping for new outfits. We are promptly reminded how little page time the two have had spent together. This quickly sets the mood and re-establishes that Robin is a little rough around the edges when it comes to interacting with people and perhaps a little too direct with his stepmother-to-be.

Batman: Prelude to the Wedding #1 - Robin vs. Ra's al Ghul

Seeley wastes no time in pitting the Boy Wonder against the League of Assassins, and Walker has some fun sight gags and unique action sequences in an arcade. Robin’s duel with Aion makes brilliant use of the environment, and the artists have a lot of fun matching Seeley’s frenzied dialog. I love how Damian can take life and death situations in stride but stresses over the destruction of his favorite game cabinet. It’s these small characterizations that make the story that much more personable and fun.

Without going into spoilers, the big title fight with Ra’s al Ghul lives up to expectations, and the rest of the issue graciously gives us a glimpse into the rest of the pre-wedding shenanigans. The final scene in the main story is nauseatingly sweet, and I adore it.

Seeley and crew clearly had a blast creating this issue, and you can feel it in your bones. It’s a strong start to what will be a rollercoaster of a prelude before the big day.

8.6 “Out of Their League Assassins” out of 10

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