Daredevil #603 Review

Writer: Charles Soule / Artist: Mike Henderson / Marvel Comics
We get ourselves a very “Matt Murdock” tale this week with Daredevil #603. The Mayor Murdock story continues as Daredevil recruits some more bodies in his fight against the Hand and their monstrous leader, The Beast. This comic does a lot that I’m personally into but also a couple things I’m wary of. The beginning of this story had the New York City street heroes front and center. It was that “Defenders and Friends” magic that really psyched me up during the rising arc of “Mayor Fisk”. A prominent character from Daredevil’s past (You’ll never guess) pops up, and I feared that Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and the others might get pushed to the far background. By the end, when another character (Seriously though, this one you won’t guess) is revealed dramatically, I was sure the aforementioned characters were going to take a back seat. I’m ready to be pleasantly surprised, though.

Why Hello, Mystery Motorcycle Person. Who Might You Be?

The political dialogue is always welcome in my comic books. I was downright giddy watching Matt strategize against the Hand’s assault, explaining a reckless plan to a reluctant Foggy. A couple demerits against Soule, though, this comic did not flow smoothly from the last issue. We were left with Daredevil and Blindspot staring (staring?) down a huge hole to the underground in the middle of a building. That plot point was not even a little bit addressed. I almost forgot it happened.

Raphael? I Knew It!

We’re getting to the crescendo of the Hand attack. You might be able to guess from the cover. I couldn’t help but shudder from flashbacks of “Fear Itself”. It was telegraphed REALLY big, too. When Murdock starts to dramatically monologue about how brave and resistant to fear New Yorkers are, there was only one direction the plot could go. I’m going to spend the next month praying to Jesus? Soule? (Hell, the Goddamn Beast if it works): that this story doesn’t dissolve into a cliche salad.

7 “Perplexed Foggy’s” out of 10

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