The talented cosplayers just keep coming! BNP has been enjoying the immense amount of talent and creativity that has been exploding within the cosplay community as of late, and I was floored by this next cosplayer’s Hawkgirl (THOSE WINGS THOUGH, OMG). I had the pleasure of interviewing the cosplayer named ZeldasaurusJess.

Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Star Wars or Star Trek? Definitely Star Wars. I love them both, but I grew up with Star Wars and I absolutely love the sci-fi mixed with fantasy elements it has.

Black Nerd Problems: Please tell us a bit about yourself!

ZeldasaurusJess: I’m a student currently majoring in game development and entrepreneurship with a minor in game production. I’m a huge nerd and love videogames, comics, and anime. I’ve been cosplaying casually for five years and most recently started to get seriously into it. I’m hoping that cosplay will open some doors for me in the gaming industry. I’m hoping to become a game producer or art director.

Zeldasaurus Jess Cosplay

BNP: How would members of the cosplay community survive a zombie apocalypse?

ZeldasaurusJess: Hmmm, I think that they could use their awesome crafting skills and cosplay as zombies and live amongst them, earn their trust, and ultimately destroy them!

BNP: How have you seen the cosplay community grow?

ZeldasaurusJess: I think the cosplay community has grown a lot. It has become a little more mainstream and accepted. The modeling aspect of it is definitely growing and gaining exposure. Also, with more comic/nerd movies coming out, it’s really bringing a lot of this stuff into the mainstream.

Zeldasaurus Jess Cosplay 3

BNP: Would you describe anime as an art form?

ZeldasaurusJess:Most definitely. I adore anime that has an amazing art style. Studio Ghibli films are a great example. There’s another movie that has an amazing art style called Millennium Actress and it’s an absolutely beautiful anime movie.

BNP: If you could jet-ski with any Pokémon, which one would it be and why?

ZeldasaurusJess: I think I would jet-ski with Lapras. I’ve never gone jet skiing before so it would be an absolute mess, and I can just climb onto Lapras’ back if I start drowning!

Zeldasaurus Jess Cosplay 2

You can find ZeldasaurusJess on Facebook and Instagram @Zeldasaurusjess.

Photos by: Alex Rose Photography and 7S Photography

by Monica Hunasikatti & Rosemary Palack

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