Mera Queen of Atlantis #1 Review

Writer: Dan Abnett / Artist: Lan Medina / DC Comics

I’m About To Cry, and This is Only Issue #1

What I always loved about DC Comics, is its amazing ability to tell stories to the point you can imagine the movie in your head. You’re able to see the fluidity between characters. The artistry often matches up with writing content. In other words, my surface dwelling behind already got emotionally attached to this comic and I clearly need to stop before I submerge myself. This comic is filled with everything you need to feel empowered all while you hold your tissue box.

Parallel Fins

We start off with what seems to be a perfectly woven love story, to a damn “why can’t they be together,” story. Hopefully this parallel will be consistent through this mini series. You can see multiple parallels rising from the currents. Another being the realization of one’s power in the midst of its demise. We will see plenty of metaphors arising that will soon take place inside of Mera’s psyche. The growth of this character is imminent on her ability to understand what lies before her. I loved the scene where she was getting whooped by “The Eel” because she begins to reflect on her losses. How would one be able to grow without understanding what was sacrificed?

Can Ya’ll Just Chill?

In order to talk about sacrifice, we must talk about why women be the ones to cover for people. This ain’t the first time we hear about a kingdom being taken over, while a lady tries to get her life together. Can we let her chill? Could Mera get some spa treatment before this secret underwater assassin tries to come at her gills? Like, “The Eel” just threw her into the water Killmonger style.


To be honest, I can’t wait to see the development of Mera over the course of this series. I am even more excited for the water puns, because you can’t have an Atlantis comic without water puns. It’s blasphemy.

8.7 Nemos out of 10

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