Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Review

New issue, new volume, new title, AYE THANG NEW!. Brian “The Writer you need and deserve” Michael Bendis brings Miles Morales back into the fold with a new debut. As the title says this is now Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man and it really feels like this is Miles out of Peter’s shadow with that simple change. The story picks up after the cataclysm event but more importantly Mile’s Father knows he is spider-man and is still missing. *Feels*

Bendis still has Kate Bishop and Miles as an item and is addressing the age old question. “Do I tell my GF my secret identity”. The good thing about Bendis is he knows how to weave in characters from Peter’s life for Miles to go to for advice. We see a great scene with Mile and MJ on the honesty and trust that comes with revealing who you are to someone you involved with.

There wasn’t much action this issue unless you count Normal Osborn still being alive….

oookaaay, Marvel said whoever dies in ultimate stays dead so this is kinda ehh to me
(they also said 616 would never cross over with ultimate’s…. and it happened)
I feel like Goblin still being alive ruins Peter Parker’s victory but then again Peter Parker was no killer so Norman being alive shouldn’t be that much of a surprised. I do wish he had some crippling injury from the fight tho.

So theres that but i mean come on… Goblin survived but Peter Parker is still dead right? I mean He went out with the hardest death in the game and he aint coming back right?…………right? (sees last page)


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