Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #26 Review

Writer: Brandon Montclare / Artist: Alitha Martinez / Marvel Comics

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are basically a national treasure in blerddom. It’s like all ages Afrofuturism at its best showing the mainstream how it’s done. Marvel has a constantly endearing gem on its hands that it doesn’t push remotely hard enough but continues to prosper.

This week’s installment has Moon Girl (still sans Devil) teaming up with the Thing and the Human Torch to get to the bottom of the return of Galactus and a mysterious new Fantastic Four. Lunella is a cute, persistent badass in her own way as usual, but I have to admit I really enjoy how Brandon Montclare portrays Ben Grimm and his relationship with Yancy Street.

It’s very reminiscent of the silver age “neighborhood palooka done good” antics in the old school Fantastic Four comics. And it helps that Alitha Martinez’s artwork is done in a way that definitely pays homage to the legendary sci-fi comic gawd Jack Kirby. It’s not quite as whimsical as the style we’re used to in this book, but it definitely suits the company Moon Girl has found herself in this time around.

There’s a great couple of panels featuring Lunella in Galactus’ hand that make the case on their own for Martinez (hopefully) as a mainstay rotation on this book down the road.

Bottom Line: Montclare is churning out one of the most consistent books in the game, able to put a smile on the face of any age of comic reader no matter what genre they fancy.

8.5 Silver Surfer Old School Harlem Globetrotter-Fit Board Shorts out of 10

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