Moon Knight #2 Review

Writer: Jeff Lemire / Artist: Greg Smallwood / Marvel Comics

Alright, let’s get into this shit right here. I wasn’t always an advocate for the Moon Knight series; I made fun of Marc Spector before when he was around in Marvel. I’d say, “who the fuck out here buying Moon Knight?” and I been eating my words with the new take on Marc ever since. Bendis did the damn thing, and so did Waid and Wood’s creative teams as well. I’m like, okay, Lemire is on this book now. He got Marc holed up in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Going with the psychological thriller aspect. I’m down. I’m with it.

We see Marc still struggling with what to believe, but also remembering that what is being shown to him now isn’t the truth. He saw the truth with his makeshift Moon Knight mask. He’s even seeing other deities posing as humans that have sided with Set. Cool, I’m with it. We see Marc get the shock therapy and appear before Khonshu. We learn that his meetings with Khonshu take place in a dimension outside of time, the othervoid. I’m like, oh man we’re finally learning more about Khonshu now after all these years. Khonshu tells Marc how Set has found a way out of the void, while he/she and other deities are still trapped. Marc realized this means Khonshu isn’t actually an Egyptian god which prompts Khonshu to say…


Aaaaand that’s where I had to disconnect and say, “The fuck is this?” I understand this is a body of fiction, let’s get that out of the way. This is fiction, yes, the writer is entitled to shape the story however they see fit with a new direction. Given, yes. However, as a consumer I can still state what I’m not rocking with. “The Egyptians were our playthings” really rubbed me so much the wrong way I had to call up another writer to vent about this shit too. I wanted to drop the book, honestly. Reason being is that Egyptians were the most advanced society right in Africa, (or are we still gonna bullshit and say it’s not in Africa because it’s connected to countries in the Middle East?) Greek gods mirror their gods, they were doing math and medicine way beyond any other civilization and dumb early, and despite what alien theories you got, Egyptians built the pyramids, deal with it.

I understand that Khonshu may be speaking on a grand scale deity level, but to speak of Egyptians like that when people and historians have been negating or downplaying their contributions for years automatically hits a nerve with me as my father taught me these things growing up. Khonshu says they used people as their avatars so it really seems like all the Egyptians achievements came from them and not of their own doing. If I am being biased in this review I’ll hold that torch, but that’s something that’s just a deal breaker to me and that’s going to be canon. There was a small part of me that wanted to ignore the whole ‘white dude being saved by Egyptian god and becoming their avatar’ aspect of Moon Knight‘s lore, but this brought that shit to full frontal.

The rest of the series was good, especially the last page, but me being me, I’m sitting there like, nah, man. Don’t you try and win me back with that good ass looking art and Easter egg reveal. You know what you did. Greg Smallwood does an excellent job with the characters be they human, deity, or otherwordly environment. I’ll probably keep reviewing Moon Knight in the grand scheme of things, but I’m really feeling some type of way about it. With this reveal from Khonshu, my excitement has taken a hit.

8.6 Michael Scott No’s out of 10

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  • Lassiter Speller

    I had a very similar negative reaction to that statement about the Egyptians. Unfamiliarity with the character makes this strike two…not sure if I’m picking up #3.

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