We kick off this week’s episode with Elliot and Shayla having a surprisingly normal conversation over some diner food. Thennn we get hit with the reality train. A guy next to them says, “Time’s up!”. It’s Fernando’s little brother Isaac Vera, whose henchman grabs Shayla up like a rag doll and escorts her out of the diner without anybody in that joint giving one single crumb of a fuck! Fernando calls his little brother and he puts Elliot on. Fernando tells Elliot he’s not mad at what he did, instead he’s inspired, he’s intrigued at the power Elliot wields at the flick of the finger. Kinda like Drake wasn’t mad at Meek for what he did while sitting behind his computer. He inspired Drizzy da GAWD to surface and sent Weak Mills to the chalkboard like..

Meanwhile, Angela is busy calling up damn near every lawyer in the city trying to dig up more dirt on some case and get the disgraced Terry Colby to become her wing man in the move, figuring he’s probably harboring some ill will. She gets one call back from a woman who worked some case Angela knows about and goes to visit her. The lady is sipping on some hard liquor in her coffee cup and hit Angela with, “Yo, you tryna come at the neck of the biggest conglomerate in history with internet “he said she said?” I got better luck defending the dude outside my door who killed his girl with an X-Box after he caught her cheating in Halo.” And thats real talk.

Isaac and the henchman walk Elliot back to his apartment and tell him to get hacking at that prison Fernando is at. Elliot gets to-hackin and has Darlene drop a few virus filled USB drives off in the parking lot of a precinct. Some sucker of a brother (COME ON!!) picks up the USB and plugs it in. The show runners of this here series must be hip hop heads cuz they gettin everything right when it comes to rap. The virus asks the dude what kind of music he likes. Rap obvi. Asks him Hip Hop or Hardcore. Hip Hop Obvi. Then they give him the whole Wu-Tang Clan as fav rapper options!! Mad funny.

Anyway homie isn’t as much of a sucker as he originally seemed cuz as soon as he see’s that virus going full H1N1 he pulls the plug on the hard drive and ruins Elliot’s day.

Tyrell is busy at the office pissing off the husband (Scott) of ol’ girl he was creeping on in the bathroom. Scott tells Tyrell that he knows he walked in while his wife was peeing and he will never become CTO of Evil Corp. He even offers up his watch for the father to be, just to throw eclipse levels of shade. Tyrell runs home to Hulk rage out on his kitchen appliances while his beautiful, patient and pregnant wife Joanna calms him down and reminds him, “It don’t matter if she told ol’ boy. At least you know she wants that white chocolate lovin.”

Elliot’s having trouble figuring out a way to hack the prison, being that he used up his go-to sneaky Darlene option. Then out of nowhere, Angela drops by and Elliot goes to regulate. He gives her a dope ‘believe in yourself’ speech and she’s off to get her hands dirty.

Mr. Robot must have some Nightcrawler or Shadowcat powers because this dude pops up anywhere he damn well pleases in this show. He’s sitting on Elliot’s stairs and challenges the young gun. He tells him that its a foolish decision to help these guys and expect to walk away unscathed. Elliot is faced with one of the reoccurring themes that I noticed without even trying, this fight or flight decision. Similar to the one presented by Mr. Robot earlier in the season when he asked Elliot if he was a 1 or a zero.

Elliot talks to himself for a second and is in that apartment barking orders and before we know it, he’s sitting down with Fernando for a conjugal visit. Fernando is so hyped. He’s eating at every word that Elliot has to say. He’s loving that he’s hacking the prison with his phone they obviously confiscated upon entering. He’s giddy with joy when Elliot tells him he’s going to unlock every cell in the jail tonight. He almost loses his fool mind when Elliot starts telling him his next moves after he’s free. Then Elliot breaks his heart and tells him that he hacked his little Issaac’s phone and has his entire operation on lock.

He tells Vera that after he breaks him out tonight that Vera is to leave Elliot and Shayla alone forever or he delete’s all of Ver’s cash and turns in all evidence to the cops. Elliot wiped that smile off Fernando’s face real quick and all he responds with it is, “Remember, I’m gonna hug you.” referring to their conversation earlier where Fernando told Elliot that he loved him and was going to hug him tonight.

Elliot leaves the jail and is kidnapped by Isaac and almost gets the dock side glock nine..

Its cold steel to the dome, until Elliot figures out that Hermano really wants Fernando dead and needs Elliot if he wants to make that happen and stay alive.

For the plan, Darlene gets flirty with some cop as Elliot hacks his cop car and the cop does his breast best to keep his eyes on anything but her chest.

Elliot puts Isaac in a fight or flight decision and gets Darlene out of the plan unhurt. They all go to the meet up spot outside the prison and shit gets crazy!!!

Isaac, Elliot and the henchman stand atop a low grassy hill, under the cover of darkness. Getaway cars were gassed up and every gun loaded, ready to put that COD training to work. It’s cell opening time and the lights go out because of the power surge when the doors unlocked. The prisoners have 2 mins to make a break for it before alarms go off. Property of the state begin pouring out of the building and running through fields and past the fence. Then out walks Fernando Vera and he drops one of the most hilarious lines all season when he starts talking about his new freedom, “This shit tastes better than any pussy I ever had. Whoo!” then immediately drops one of the realest lines of the season when he says, “DJ, shoot the cocksucker” and the henchman who now has a name blows Isaac’s brains out.

Fernando is sad he had to be his brother’s keeper in this sense, but he’s an OG and they don’t play that shit. Getaway car rolls up and they are about to leave when Elliot asks about kidnapped Shayla. Fernando promised he’d give her back, and comes through. She was in the trunk of the car they were driving around all day. When he opens up the trunk, everybody knew what was going to be found, but WE STILL WASN’T READY!! The acting being displayed by Rami Malek is astounding. I’m feeling every second of his torment. R.I.P. Shayla.

Mr. Robot has delivered it’s most jaw dropping episode so far. Some may even say that USA has a better crime thriller than HBO right now, but I’m just gonna sit here and continue to sipith thy tea.

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