We are finally seeing everything become completely cohesive in this world of coding, revolutions, cover-ups and revenge. Our latest episode showed us the revival of fsociety, the fallout from Fernando Vega’s Red Wedding move, the CTO naming outcome, how Angela plans to play the hand she is dealt, and all of the results that ensue.

Elliot Lost:

The episode begins where you least expect it. We get a look at Shayla and Elliot on the first day that they meet. Shayla comes off as one of the most genuinely nice, open and honest neighbors drug dealers I’ve ever seen. The scene is painting the perfect picture of pain that Elliot will be enduring and completely lying about going through.

We flash back to the present. Elliot is sitting in his therapist’s office talking to himself, like normal, and thinking about how Shayla will eventually be someone that he thinks about less and less, then will wind up as an anecdote in his life. It’s mad true though. No matter how much we go through, things just wind up as stories, as footnotes in the 40-80 years of our existence. Mr. Robot seems to be able to capture themes better than any summer series I’ve maybe ever seen, and they do it from such a unique perspective. I hope they don’t let up on the realness they have been delivering these past couple of rounds.

Angela Gets her Hands Dirty:

Angela is attempting to get a sit down with house arrest Terry Colby. She has some info that she believes would be beneficial to him and his case, but people that powerful are always skeptical, so his lawyers do all the talking. The next day, Angela pays her lawyer friend a visit and is surprised to find her talking to the Attorney General about the actions they plan on taking involving Colby. Her lawyer tells her that Colby will sit down with her but no lawyers are allowed to be there. The lawyer is hesitant but Angela wants to get to the bottom of things so she goes to his house to chat.

Angela wants to know if Colby attended the 1993 executive board meetings when they decided to ignore the treatment of hazardous waste in Washington Township. She’s got info for him that might help him in his current case where fsociety framed him for a hack attack then threw him under six buses when they released info stating he and other execs knew about the waste that was killing their employees. Colby denies everything obviously, then Angela tells him that if he testifies against those executives who covered up the illegal dumping of the expoxy resin waste, she will admit that she broke chain of custody with the file that got him arrested. Colby looks her up and down, connects that she’s that “hot little thing” that came to his door a month ago and proceeds to tell her that he’ll do what she asks if she can fit his old wrinkly scrotum in her mouth and ask him the same question again. Anddddd now we see why he didn’t allow any lawyers in this meeting. Angela is on the verge of tears when she tells him she can’t wait to see him lose the respect of everyone and high tails it out of the home of such a scumbag.

Angela’s lawyer calls her on the way home and tells her that Colby’s lawyers hit her with that negotiation call real quick. She tells Ang to turn around and head back to castle von creep and she does so without thinking twice. Despite that disrespectful attack, homegirl means business. Could Colby have had a sudden change of heart? Naa, He just wants to make sure her testimony would be solid. Angela does get her confession though, and promises to stop men from sitting around in rooms making lethal decisions like that.

Lets Get the Gang Back Together:

Mr. Robot is busy sulking in a bar with Darlene. He wants the revolution to be back on and poppin, but needs the Dark Army. He’s urging Darlene to find the LeBron James of hacking named White Rose by hacking her rapper hacker boyfriend but she tells him that it aint no cake walk hacking someone who IS a professional hacker. (I know, that was a whole lotta ‘hack’) But Darlene seems to relish in these big decision, pressure is on moments so you know she wont be standing idly by.

Mr. Robot goes recruiting and winds up at the THC emporium that Romero now runs. He shows Romero exactly how crazy he is and reminds him that promises were made when they started this venture, and Mr. Robot always pays his debts keeps his promises. Darlene pops up at Trenton’s school and they have a real ass conversation about why everyone is motivated to bring about this revolution that they have been planning. Trenton and Elliot share a similar view of the world, where people say they are happy and praise America’s greatness, yet are drowning in debt and despair.

Behind Every Good Man:

Tyrell “scene thievin'” Wellick is doing his own bit of brooding while staring out the window of his executive level corporate office. He has three gentlemen in their Armani suits and crisp thousand dollar pairs of shoes, sitting around watching CNBC or some financial analysis channel hoopla, while gossiping about a few poignant issues. This ain’t cha daddy’s water cooler convo! They start off innocent enough, talking about how “The goddamn earning report is going to look good come Monday” then they happen to discuss a few fuckboy topics that ends on quite a sour note for the fuckboys in question. The head doucher starts discussing almost leaving the company for Google and how the hiring executive performed certain fallacious acts “on the Googleplex volleyball court”, then they start up the chauvinistic ass convo about how hot assistants in Evil Corp have been sleeping around in order to scamper up the corporate ladder, anddddd then they screw themselves royally.

Douche of the year goes so far as to say that he hears a handful of pathetic and desperate execs have been going cockjockey (Whatever that’s supposed to mean) performing sexual acts in order to move up in the company. Tyrell calmly asks the leader of the douche group how his children are, then tells him he won’t be able to afford his kid’s tuition because “YOU’RE FIRED!” then lets all three of the idiots know they will be receiving the smallest severance package available. Tyrell hit them with the mean stiff arm.

Elliot has thrown himself into work and Gideon notices his detatched nature, but you know Elliot. He just smiles and thanks him for his advice. Elliot goes home, adds all of his info and files about Shayla to his CD collection and wipes his computer cuz he aint no rookie! Darlene finds her boo playing chess in the park and he goes in on her for using his username to ask for White Rose. He says goodbye..forever..and storms off, but not before telling her she got her wish and the Chinese are back in on the plan to bring down the man.

All In:

Tyrell and Joanna are attending the CTO promotion party and witness Scott Knowles get the nod. But their plan has shifted from the job to the takedown quite some time ago and they spring into action. Joanna gives her man some words of encouragement then before you can say inappropriate proposition, Tyrell has Mrs. Knowles on the roof and is hardcore 7th grade making out with the new CTO first lady. Ohhhhhh and how quickly the mad scene thief Tyrell Welick changes gears and goes from caressing her neck to strangling the life out of the poor scandalous woman. He wipes away any traces of him being there and is out.

‎Rami Malek finishes up the episode blowing me away with his acting again. He pops up for an unannounced visit to his therapist, who he was just released from. He tells her that he’s finally ready to be honest with her, but she has NOOO IDEA that she’s about to get hit with mack truck levels of realness from Elliot the hacking beast. He tells her that he’s been lying to her and hasn’t been taking his pills, but neither does she..and then goes through damn near every private moment she thought she had while online talking shit about her mom to her best friends, searching for dates, looking at certain types of porn, watching what she purchases on the daily and everything else in between. He tells her that he knows that she is lonely and so is he. He then asks her the question that cripples anything she would have been able to come back with. “Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Another really really solid episode, and one that gave most of the focus to other characters of the show. They are finally building something concrete outside of the stellar acting skills of Rami Malek and have been hammering home some riveting television. Already renewed for a second season, lets see what the final 3 episodes of season one brings.

Mr. Robot reboot:

  • If you want that super dope airy track playing in the background of that Tyrell homicide, you can find the FKA Twigs heat here.
  • #OllieIsTheWorst watch: After some digging (aka Mr. Robot’s wikipedia page) the rapper hacker’s name turns out to be Cisco and he is still blackmailing Ollie. Yes. Give me more.
  • Shout out to the artist that made this dope pic of Trenton


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