Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herring / Marvel Comics

End of the arc, fellow readers, so we know it’s gonna be good.
We open with the wrap up of the personal drama that’s been driving this whole thing with Doc.X. Zoe’s mad teen love of Nakia has been revealed to the entire school, and it is awful.

But then, just as suddenly, maybe it isn’t.


Wilson is one of very few comic book writers who can pull off this kind of teen angst and then redemption story with sincerity. It never feels corny or forced, just a little more magical than real high school is… but to be perfectly honest real high school does have these moments when your friends, and you, transcend expectations to be 100% good. And that’s what Ms. Marvel is all about this issue: getting everyone around her to be 100% good, even if only for 12 hours.

Why? Well, that’s the solution — Doc.X. is evil because as an A.I. it has been feeding off of all the negativity of the internet, so for 12 hours, just long enough for Doc.X. to replicate itself, the internet must be not evil. Kamala starts with her gaming group, and expands from there.


Miyazawa and Herring’s art style together is unique and has become synonymous with the feeling and joy of Ms. Marvel. The dialog stays funny and reference filled, while still delivering the moral you’d expect: every now and then, it pays to just be nice. Not because you always win, but because you have to fight cruelty when you see it. It is a great message in a time when comics about superheroes who are genuinely super seem in short supply.

Stay wonderful, Kamala. And we’ll stay reading.

8 Hugs out of 10

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