Ms. Marvel #8 Review

So, Black Nerd Problems’ adopted little sister is having a REALLY good run of things lately. G. Willow Wilson has been doing the Lord’s Work on the tale of Kamala Khan, the superhero who’s still figuring out how to be a teenager. We’ve seen our fledgling crimefighter get her first superhero team up and come face to face with her first archnemesis, The Inventor. Now, with the series’ original creative team reunited, is the magic still there.

This month, Kamala continues her search for the missing kids abducted by the Inventor when she gets an unexpected friend tagging along for the ride: Lockjaw, the Inhumans’ dog. The result is comic GOLD. This might be one of the best written issues so far. Wilson does a pitch perfect job of placing Kamala in uncomfortable situations that cause her to think on her feet if she hopes to balance civilian and superhero life. In that regard, the issue definitely invokes the early days of Superman and Spider-Man. Watching Kamala explain a dog the size of a Prius to her overbearing parents is nothing short of classic. Meanwhile, Adrian Alphona’s return to pencil duty came at the best possible time. His unique eye for the strange and whimsical is perfect for capturing a shape shifting teenager falling head over heels for a giant teleporting bulldog. This is probably one of the best looking books on the market second to maybe Hawkeye.

Bottom Line: Other than Ultimate Spider-Man, this is easily the best “teenager’s sloppy approach to superheroing” comic I’ve read in years. Top Marks for Wilson and Alphona. 10 out of 10.


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  • Anjuan Simmons

    I’ve kept putting off picking up Ms Marvel for a while, and this article has convinced me to check it out. Great write up!

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