Ms. Marvel #9 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artists: T. Miyazawa , A. Alphona, I. Herring / Marvel Comics

That cover! Kamala’s sneer here is priceless, continuing to foreshadow the break-up that we’ve been waiting for between Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel. It doesn’t quite come in this issue either, but the groundwork is now clear. Kamala is certainly deep in Civil War now, and as far as I can tell, working with the Junior Undercover Agents of America will bring her to her breaking point. Well, it certainly would me. But more on them later. First, the opening.

Continuing with the story of Kamala’s family, the first few pages tell the tale of Kamala’s mother, Muneeba, and her last few days before she left Pakistan, pregnant with Kamala. Muneeba is full of doubts, which she confides in her own mother. Grandma gives Muneeba the set of bracelets that have become an identifying part of Ms. Marvel’s costume. It is one of those moments that comic readers live for, when some noticeable, but unexplained, item’s significance becomes clear. Along with the bracelets comes a prophecy, of the kind that grandmothers everywhere love to hand down.

9_something special

Little did she know then…

Flash forward to the now, Ms. Marvel and the Junior Jackboots have arrested Josh Richardson, the high school jock, supposedly in the process of a cyberattack on the high school. The only evidence of this not-yet-completed attack, is Ulysses’ visions. But between the non-evidence and the gleeful power-tripping of the cadets, Kamala has some serious questions. She turns, as always, to the Captain with her own doubts, mirroring her mother’s. Wilson continues to prove that she is a talented writer, weaving these stories together thematically, without being heavy-handed.


But the Captain gives her some platitudes and a pat on the head and sends her on her way. Ms. Marvel does try to set things right, as she always does. But complications mount quickly, as her high school friends come to talk to Josh, and the outside community realizes how many people Ms Marvel and her Case Studies in Policing Overreach are holding in a warehouse without trial or access to legal counsel.

It is all bad, but feeling manageable, until all of a sudden, it is altogether not manageable. What’s Kamala going to do now? What do you mean I have to wait a month to find out?!

8.5 Authoritarian Minions out of 10

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