My Hero Recap: Gentle Criminal vs. Deku

The school festival squads final run through is lookin good. Bakugo is being the most extreme metalhead in UA history but this bound is about to put in some work! Ashido and Jiro have this dance and musical performance handled and I’m excited to see it all come together. While I will always take fists to faces and quirk flexxin, you enjoy these innocent moments and that isn’t some small feat.

Oh and if you really want to talk about finesse, who would’ve expected a wannabe Youtuber could ever keep the villain equilibrium at a respectable level after the fervor that Chisaki exuded?! Not me. Not never. And in struts Gentle Criminal sippin that marvelous tea, stuntin on fools in a Victorian era Dracula cloak, pimp cane, pinstripe pants, TWO belts and purple scarf! Maaaannn, I’m anxiously awaiting his party crashing scene.

Being the caring soul that he is, it’s like midnight and all Deku is concerned with is the wear and tear of the rope he’s been using to maneuver a twinkling Aoyama, the human disco ball, around. Of course he decides to get a new one in the morning to be safe during the showcase. After a nice 5:30am training session with All Might, where Hatsume delivered the specially requested gloves for young Midoriya, he heads out to the convenience store for this ridiculous rope purchase. Have I mentioned how unreal this whole setup is?

As expected, the store is next door to the cafe that Gentle Criminal stopped by for the Gold Tips flow. Deku recognizes his voice after nearly bumping into him and decides to be the best young hero in training he can be.


Deku presses the man with the tea dining ritual and the showdown begins. Words of courage and determination spill out of our boy’s mouth because doesn’t want Gentle to make a move on his school, for Eri and everyone’s sake…but mostly for Eri. A quick look around is all the One For All inheritor needs to get staticky. It’s Saturday morning so there aren’t many people out. Gentle asks Brava to start filming and he does his vlog intro before Deku gets the smoke.

After all this time, we get to see Gentle Criminal’s powers in action. Little did I know, we’d be dealing with Hisoka’s long lost nen brother but boy was it an interesting power. The master of elasticity puts the work in on Deku! After trampolining the kid about 200 feet into the air, the gentlemanly villain and his “honey” use his powers to spring through the sky and get ready to pounce on UA.

As Deku is flying through the sky he remembers how excited Eri had become, and how much he wants to spend time with her and Mirio, so he regains his composure, mid tumble, lines up the hand yopper and let’s off his patented new air cannon finger blast like BLOAW!

After the rush of the success and progress, Deku realizes it wasn’t enough. The young buck gets Gentle Criminal cornered inside an unfinished building and we get to see the impressive ways Gentle’s quirk can used. He bounces off elasticized steel beams and air pocket trampolines to avoid any more finger gun air blasts. It was cool and reminiscent of Gran Torino’s jet moves during Midoriya’s training. Just when Deku finally has him dead to rights, Gentle resorts to the cowardly villainous move of endangering a civilian down below.

Deku stops the steel beam from falling and has to let the criminal flee. As he struggles to keep the beam from slipping out of his grasp, my boy does a one armed beam press and fires off one last air cannon shot like a fuckin CoD sniper!! It barely misses Brava and Gentle, but his tenacity allows Brava to come to terms with the fact she’ll have to use her quirk to stop the young man with a heart of a lion. What her quirk is I can only imagine!

69 minutes until the School Festival and the concert crew is officially getting a little worried about their buddy’s classmate. Good job team. While this arc is nowhere near as exciting as the last, I’m pretty hype to see how it’ll all shake out next episode.

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